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Step Master

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Step Master


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Tighter rhythm, more fun!
Step Master, the iPhone app that lets you acquire the sense of rhythm that you need for dance.

KORG Step Master

In order to dance impressively, the crucial point is to keep the rhythm! This is something that even top dancers active on the world stage always keep in mind. It's easy to be distracted by flashy moves, but what really makes or breaks a performance is whether the dancer has internalized the tempo. The best way to become a better dancer is to improve your body's core strength and your sense of rhythm.
Step Master is a fun iPhone app that lets dancers from beginner to expert level improve their sense of rhythm as if they were playing a game. From basic steps to complex choreography, a total of 49 dance variations are provided. Each of these are clearly illustrated with motion graphics that rotate 360 degrees. It's the birth of a new dance training tool in which the accelerometer accurately detects the dancer's sense of tempo, letting you master the moves.

  • iPhone app that lets you develop your sense of rhythm in an enjoyable game-like manner
  • Provides trial stages (free) and training stages (in-app purchase)
  • The trial stages provide four dance variations, and the training stages provide 45 dance variations.
  • Covers a broad range of levels from beginning to pro dancers: stages 1 – 2 are beginning and intermediate, and stages 3 – 4 are advanced
  • Accelerometer is used to accurately detect the dancer's movements
  • Motion graphics rotate 360 degrees, letting you see every detail of the chorography
  • Realtime sensing of the discrepancy between the tempo of the background music and the dancer's sense of rhythm
  • While you dance, the Advice function informs you in real time of any inaccuracy in your sense of tempo
  • Each time you clear another stage, the dancer in the motion graphics gets a costume upgrade
  • Provides clear dance tips at every point in the choreography
  • Step up to the next stage as you improve your score
  • Movie function lets you record your own dancing

Operating Requirements

iOS 8 or later
iPhone 6, iPod Touch (fifth-generation or later)
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