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Step Master


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Q Is there any trick to obtaining a good score ?

A Please carefully study how the character is dancing, and be sure to imitate it. Also make sure to follow the rhythm as closely as you can and remember to step firmly.

Q I'm a beginner. What should I do first ?

A The first stage has various examples of basic choreography (dance moves). Please study the dancing character carefully and imitate every move you can.
     Once you are used to it, you should attach your iPhone to your waist and enjoy the game.
     When the graph is around the center line, you will get a good score!
     Even if your score is low, you will improve as you get used to the rhythm.
     And also, you can follow the rhythm by using the voice count function (this is an In-App Purchase). It lets you know the count with the spoken words: "One, Two, Three, Four".

Q Can I attach my iPhone to somewhere else except my waist ?

A No, you need to attach it to your waist to detect your steps correctly.

Q Is there any recommended iPhone case ?

A JOGPOCKET from TUNEWEAR is one recommendation, but please check your iPhone accessories dealers.

Q  Which iOS is supported ?

A  Only iOS 8 or later is supported.

Q  Which Devices are supported ?

A  You must have at least iPhone 6 or iPod Touch (5th Generation)

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