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New KRONOS Sound Libraries: 3 new libraries from KApro, 1 new library from KARO, and 2 library updates from Kelfar

KApro has just released 2 EXs library sets and 1 KRS library.

EXs278-279 Legendary Blue

Contents: Approximately 3.18GB of PCM samples, 128 Programs, 155 Stereo Multi-samples
“Legendary Blue” is a synthesizer sound library sets which features 4 beautifully sampled German-made blue synthesizers.

EXs280-284 Concert Grands

Contents: Approximately 8.29GB of PCM samples, 256 Programs, 94 Stereo Multi-samples
“Concert Grands” is a massive collection of Grand pianos and Upright pianos.

KRS-38 MOD-7 Chill Out Dreams

Contents: 32 Programs
“MOD-7 Chill Out Dream” is a diverse sound set featuring 2 of the KRONOS’s 9 sound engines (MOD-7 and AL-1).

KARO has just released a new EXs Library for KRONOS.

EXs163 Empire of Choir
(Special Price: US$99*, Regular Price: $129)
(*Special price offer could be over without prior notice)

Contents: Approximately 1.8GB of PCM samples, 20 Programs, 23 Stereo Multi-samples
EXs163 “Empire of Choir” will be useful anywhere when you need the inimitable character of the human classic voice with its pure and warm sound.

Kelfar Technologies
Kelfar Technologies has just updated 2 of their existing libraries.

EXs95 Melodia

In addition to authentic Middle Eastern instruments for Sha'abi and other musical styles, the new library includes plucked instruments, woodwinds, bowed strings, and ensemble instruments. Keyboardists can produce a vibrant blend of authentic Middle Eastern instruments for Sha'abi and other musical styles.

KRS-95 Moda


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