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Updates - prologue System Updater v1.30 is now available! Tuning stability fix and improved performance. Free custom oscillator available and third-party content featured!

prologue System Updater v1.30

OS 1.30 improves overall tuning stability for all of prologue’s analog oscillators, while simultaneously decreasing the amount of time required to fully tune them. (Total estimated warmup time is usually 5 – 10 minutes although occasionally this might take up to 30 minutes)

Improvements in this new OS:

- Tuning stability and performance has been improved
- Communication with the prologue librarian has been improved
- Minor bug fixes and stability improvements

How to update the OS to the latest version on the Korg prologue analog synthesizer.

In addition, UK synth developer DirtSynthBox has created a Custom Oscillator for prologue, “Origami”, that is available for free for a limited time through their website
*(Note: Subscription to DirtBoxSynth's Newsletter is required)

We also started featuring third-party content on the Librarian & Custom Content page, so make sure to check all the custom content already available! Please download the prologue Sound Librarian (necessary to load custom content) and take your prologue to the next level!.


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