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New sound library for minilogue "The Deep Dive"

A new sound pack, “The Deep Dive” for the KORG minilogue by Ukranian sound designer and Sinevibes founder, Artemiy Pavlov,  is now available for free!



With this collection of 110 patches, sound designer Artemiy Pavlov attempts to dive into the deepest depths of the minilogue and reveal its hidden superpowers. It includes meticulously crafted synths, leads, basses, pads, drones, and chords – many of them you simply would not believe this little wonder of an instrument could produce. The bank also features new takes on classic 80’s and 90’s sounds plus a few bonus drums and effects, with absolutely all patches accompanied by original step sequences.

For more information and audio demos please check the minilogue sound librarian page.

minilogue Sound Librarian

Artemiy Pavlov (Sinevibes)

Born in 1981 in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Artemiy Pavlov received higher education in applied physics while spending his spare time producing music and learning audio synthesis. He’s been involved with sound design, DSP engineering and user interface design since 2004, not only running his own highly-regarded software brand Sinevibes, but also collaborating with the industry’s top hardware and software manufacturers. Inspired by frequent journeys and studying cultures around Europe, Artemiy strives to bring unique innovations into every detail of his creative work.


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