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KORG Kaossilator for Android KORG Kaossilator for Android

Google Play


Operating Requirements

Android 5.0 or later


Synthesizer Section
Total 150 sounds
Scale: 35 types
Key Range: +/- 12
Audio Loop Player Section
Built-in Filter Effect
Maximum Length: 4 measures
Number of Importable Loops: Unlimited as determined by “Free” space of Device
Supported Formats: WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC
Sequencer Section
5 Parts,
Maximum Length: 4 measures,
Loop Sequencer
Parts can be combined in the Loop Sequencer,
“Solo” or “Mute” control of Part
Quantize (Off, 1/32, 1/16T, 1/16, 1/8T, 1/8, 1/4)
Tempo: 20 - 300 BPM (Corresponds to TAP TEMPO)
Number of Loop Sequences: Unlimited, as determined by “Free” space of Device, 50 preset Loop Sequencer
Flex Play
Audio Export
Export to Google Play Music
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KORG Kaossilator for Android is available for download purchase from the Google Play Store.