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macOS Big Sur and Catalina support for KORG/VOX Products

Thank you for using KORG/VOX products. We apologize to users of our products who have been inconvenienced by being unable to use them in a macOS Big Sur and Catalina environment.

1. Support for macOS Big Sur and Catalina
If you use the default Apple driver to connect your KORG/VOX product to your Mac, you'll be able to use it with the exception of some Editors and Plug-In Editors. This requires you to uninstall the previously-installed KORG USB-MIDI Driver and VOX USB-MIDI Driver. For the uninstallation method, refer to section "2" below.

Regarding editor/plug-in editor support for each product, refer to the most recent OS compatibility table.

2. Uninstalling the KORG USB-MIDI Driver and VOX USB-MIDI Driver
Use the following procedure to uninstall the USB-MIDI Driver.

(1) To uninstall the KORG/VOX USB-MIDI driver, download the uninstaller from here, and run it.
* Use this to uninstall the VOX USB-MIDI Driver as well.

(2) When driver uninstallation is completed, restart the computer, use a USB cable to connect the KORG/VOX product, and start the software that you use. The connected device is detected by the default Apple driver.

Thank you for your continued use of KORG/VOX products.

March 5, 2021 KORG Inc.


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