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Pitchblack XS Bass Pitchblack XS Bass


Pitchblack XS Bass



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Display and foot switch combined. 
The first bass-dedicated pedal tuner.


  • Equipped with a bass-specific tuner circuit for precise tuning, even at low frequencies
  • ULTRA BUFFER technology optimized for bass and switchable to true bypass
  • Unique design with a large display in a compact size
  • High visibility with meter LEDs which brightness can be adjusted
  • Ultra-precise tuning down to ±0.1 cents
  • Four meter display modes

Equipped with bass-specific tuner circuit for easy tuning even at low frequencies

The Pitchblack XS Bass has a measurement range starting from C0 (16.34Hz) - covering over an octave below the bass guitar's low E string, which makes it suitable for all bassists including those downtuning or using 5 string basses.  

ULTRA BUFFER optimized for bass and switchable to true bypass

The Pitchblack XS Bass's ULTRA BUFFER technology has been fine tuned  with the bass player’s needs in mind to deliver a fuller, more powerful sound. You can also switch between true bypass and ULTRA BUFFER to suit your preference and environment.

Unique design with a large display in a compact size

The display and foot switch are integrated into a single unit, allowing the display to be as large as possible while saving space at only 7 cm x 8 cm. Meanwhile,  the robust powder-coated enclosure allows the switch to respond to any position, regardless of how you step on it or the direction in which it is placed.

High visibility with meter LEDs that can be set to bright mode

The brightness can be set to two different levels, so the meter maintains its visibility in any environment - perfect for dark stages, and outdoors where sunlight could reflect off the screen. The triangular LED indicators on both sides flash when tuning is correct, providing a reassuring and comfortable tuning experience.

Ultra-precise tuning down to ±0.1 cents

In strobe mode, ultra-precise tuning of ±0.1 cents is possible - ideal both for stage performances and professional recording work, where even the smallest error in tuning cannot be overlooked.

Four meter display modes

Four types of meter display modes are selectable according to the player's style.
In addition to the standard "Regular Mode," there are "Strobe Mode," "Half Strobe Mode," and "Mirror Mode," in which two LEDs are tuned to overlap from left to right and center to center, indicating pitch changes by the direction and speed of meter flow, making it easy to see even the smallest errors. The "mirror mode" tunes the two LEDs so that they overlap from left to right and right to center.

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