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NTS-1 digital kit mkII
NTS-1 digital kit mkII



The NTS-1 mkII dedicated KORG KONTROL Editor is a user-friendly and completely free tool available for Windows and Mac that allows you to not only easily manage all of your custom logue SDK Effects and Plugins, but also an indispensable tool to sync your NTS-1 mkII to your computer and recall up to 100 memory states on the fly, allowing you to recall your favorite patches instantly, anytime you need them.

Download it here

* How to import the custom oscillators and effects

Custom oscillators and effects are distributed in the form of a “user unit” file. To add an oscillator or effect, drag and drop the user unit file onto the corresponding list in the NTS-1 mkII KORG KONTROL Editor, and press the SEND button to upload it to your NTS-1 mkII. Please refer to the Operation Manual included in the NTS-1 mkII KORG KONTROL Editor for further details.

logue SDK 3rd Party Custom Content

Several developers are creating new and interesting Custom Oscillators and Effects for NTS-1 mkII.

Reference list

- NTS-1 mkII is not compatible with the plugins available for the original NTS-1
- This content is 3rd party made, please go to the developer's site and inform yourself adequately before installing any Custom Content on your NTS-1 mkII.
- KORG will not be held responsible for any incompatibility issues or damage that may occur to your synthesizer.
- KORG won't be offering any support for these so in case you have any questions please ask the developer directly.
- Some of these are offered for free and some aren't, please make sure to check the details with the developer.

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