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NTS-1 digital kit mkII
NTS-1 digital kit mkII



Build it, tweak it, connect it; a world of synthesis at your fingertips!

The compact and incredibly powerful NTS-1 is back with an array of new features, a refreshed interface and more customization options than ever before.

Boasting a new keyboard, built-in sequencer, fresh sounds, and expanded MIDI capabilities, the NTS-1 mkII packs a gigantic set of features in the palm of your hand.

Powered by an even more powerful processor than its predecessor, the NTS-1 mkII unlocks its full potential and welcomes a new wave of custom content through its upgraded logueSDK.

This DIY synth and effects unit is not just powerful but also versatile, a must-have tool for both studio and stage.

New Multitouch keyboard

The NTS-1 mkII boasts a new 18-key multitouch keyboard, substituting the ribbon controller of the first generation, for precise playing and sequencing. This upgrade unlocks the ability to send MIDI note messages polyphonically, opening the doors to custom oscillators and effects leveraging the paraphonic potential of the NTS-1.

The center of your performance

In addition to a powerful arpeggiator, the new 8-step sequencer opens a whole new world of musical possibilities. With live and step recording modes (with per-note gate length and velocity settings) available in combination with its new keyboard and easy octave switch, the NTS-1 mkII provides an intuitive and seamless performance experience.

The NTS-1 mkII takes the sting out of forgetting your creative sparks. A new autosave function recalls all the parameters used in your last performance, including the step sequencer data, so you can pick up right where you left off. No more struggling to remember knob tweaks and pattern edits!

But that’s not all! NTS-1 mkII has a MIDI OUT output so you can use its internal sequencer to control other gear in your setup.

Powerful new engine, sounds and effects

NTS-1 mkII is an extremely powerful, flexible and fun-to-explore synth. While retaining the versatile features of its predecessor, this new iteration adds an array of new sounds, including new oscillator types and modulation possibilities, using its Audio IN signal as a modulation source to create FM, AM or RING sounds.

The NTS-1 mkII is also an incredibly capable and expandable FX unit. In the mkII, we added many new Modulation (distortion, fuzz…), Delay (tape delay, BPM synced delays…) and Reverb effects, as well as handy oscillator OFF and Filter THRU functions, making it a uniquely versatile piece of gear that will cover all your needs at home or on stage.

Expanded connectivity

Integrating the NTS-1 mkII is now easier than ever. In addition to the SYNC IN/OUT and MIDI IN, we’ve added a new MIDI OUT output for seamless connection and expanded performance possibilities with other gear. On top of that, most parameters on NTS-1 mkII have been made MIDI CC compatible for deeper control.
It is also now powered through a new USB-C bus.

Even more DIY fun

The new NTS-1 mkII retains the DIY kit format from the original, and offers new customization options with reversible anodized silver and metallic black side panels. And don’t worry, we’ve kept the same form factor and dimensions as its predecessor meaning custom sides, stands and other custom parts will still fit!

A new and more powerful logueSDK

Powered by a new chip, the NTS-1 mkII has expanded processing power, making complex effects and oscillators more possible than ever before. A new development API is available for developers on Github, more information here.

Customization and 3D data

Thanks to its DIY nature and open design, the NTS-1 mkII is a highly customizable synthesizer that you can modify in several ways. In addition to the open source logueSDK that allows users to build their own custom oscillators and effects, the hardware of the NTS-1 mkII can also be physically modified cosmetically and functionally. To help you get started with physical customization, we are providing the necessary schematics and instructions to personalize your NTS-1 mkII in many different ways!

3D data available here

KORG KONTROL Editor and custom content

Free bundle of music software

The NTS-1 mkII comes with a diverse variety of music software from Izotope including “Ozone Elements” which lets you not only create songs but also master them using AI, “Skoove” which will help you improve your keyboard playing skills, “Reason Lite” DAW software, as well as software synths from KORG and other brands.

In other words, the moment you get your hands on this synthesizer you'll have a variety of tools to help you take your music to the next level.

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