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The next generation effect pedal
that surpasses and redefines the distortion pedal.


This all new effects unit has been developed by Fumio Mieda

The HD-S effects pedal combines three different distortion circuits to create harmonic modulation that goes beyond the traditional concept of distortion.
This all new effects unit has been developed by Fumio Mieda, developer of many famous legendary devices such as the Univibe. This new kind of effects unit differs from the usual “fuzz” or “distortion” pedal in many ways.
The HD-S lets you freely combine the three different distortion circuits to produce a wide range of previously undiscovered sounds, from the traditional fuzz to out of this world distorted sounds and more. This wide range of traditional and all new sounds means the HD-S can be used not only with guitars but also with bass guitars, synthesizers and anytime new and unique sounds are required.
One of the advantages of the Nu:tekt series is the ability to assemble them yourself. The HD-S kit doesn’t require soldering, and all of the necessary tools for assembly are included in the package. This makes it quick and easy to put the kit together, bringing you the enjoyment and satisfaction of creating your own sound.

Create modulation effects by combining the three different distortion circuits

Combine the three different distortion circuits to control filter-like changes, going beyond aggressive distortion effects into a whole new sonic world. The HD-S includes three trimmer knobs inside the top cover of the housing, in addition to the four control knobs on the panel. By using these trimmer knobs to adjust the balance between the three different distortion circuits, you can create a wide range of sounds from orthodox fuzz to a wide variety of distortion all the way to some really wild sounds. Usable with guitar, bass guitar, synths and other instruments, the HD-S is a distortion effects unit that gives you sounds you’ve never heard or used before.

※When adjusting the distortion trimmer knobs please do it carefully without applying too much strength.
The picture on the left shows the center position of these knobs. Trying to forcefully turn the knobs further than their designed range might damage them so please operate them carefully.

Can be assembled easily and quickly!

One of the many appealing features of the Nu:tekt Series is that these products give you the chance to build the product yourself, and it is easy to do so. The HD-S kit doesn’t require soldering, and all of the necessary tools for assembly are included in the package, for an easily-assembled kit that you can put together quickly and easily. A portrait sticker featuring a caricature motif of Fumio Mieda is also included.

Comments from Fumio Mieda

As of 2022, sixty years have passed since the first compact effects unit, the Maestro Fuzz-Tone was released. Even nowadays, distortion-based effects including overdrive and distortion are the mainstay for guitar effects units, and the vast majority of these effects units are simply rehashing the sounds of the past. For this reason, we’ve developed a new kind of distortion based on harmonic synthesis that covers both traditional and all new sounds.

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