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Complete functionality in a compact body. The TM-70T, the long-awaited tuner and metronome combo is here.

The TM series, a ground-breaking concept of a combined tuner and metronome, boasts a wide variety of functions and outstanding visibility, and is the ultimate tuning and rhythm training item for wind and string instruments.
The latest model, the TM-70T, further elevates the original concept making it easier to use than ever. It is not only small enough to fit in a pocket, but features a new display with improved visibility, and a new transpose function (F, Bb, Eb) , making it the ideal partner for any musician. The sound quality of the metronome and sound out has also been enhanced so that it is easy to hear even in noisy environments.
The quality, speed and accuracy of the tuning, which is essential to every performance, has also been enhanced.
The TM-70T is completely "Made in Japan", which is a testament to Korg's pride and commitment to quality as a leader in the tuner/metronome world for many years.

  • TM-70T
  • TM-70T
  • TM-70T
  • TM-70T
  • Equipped with high-precision tuner function and metronome function. The two functions can be used simultaneously.
  • A wide detection range of C1–C8 supports a broad range of instruments.
  • LCD needle meter with excellent sensitivity and visibility.
  • Newly equipped with a transpose function that allows switching between in F, in B♭ and in E♭ in addition to chromatic.
  • Improved display for better visibility, while reducing the size of the TM-70.
  • Improved Metronome, sound out, and sound back audio for even clearer sound.
  • Calibration is adjustable to match various concert pitches.
  • Marks are provided to indicate pure major and minor third intervals.
  • Sound Out mode and Sound Back mode are great ways to train your ear.
  • Metronome features a wide tempo range from 30 to 252 beats/minute. Choose from three types of tempo settings and 15 rhythm variations.
  • Long battery life of up to 250 hours
  • Convenient memory backup function and auto power-off function.
  • Foldable stand allows the unit to stand on its own.
  • Universal design with icons for each function.
  • Black and white color variations.
  • Made in Japan for the highest quality control.
  • Separately sold CM-400 contact mic allows even higher tuning precision. The lineup also includes the TM-70C which is packaged with a CM-400 in a color that matches the body of the tuner/metronome unit.

More compact and easier-to-use TM-70T

The TM series, which combines a tuner and metronome into a single unit, is the definitive tuner/metronome that incorporates the best of Korg's technology cultivated over many years. The TM-70 is one size smaller than its predecessor, the TM-60, but has a larger display showing note names and scales. The increased resolution of the LCD also makes it easier to see from various angles, supporting stress-free and highly accurate tuning.

Tuner section quickly and accurately detects the pitch of wind and string instruments


LCD needle meter with wide measurement range from C1 to C8 and good response

The wide measurement range from C1 (32.70Hz) to C8 (4186.01Hz) enables easy and accurate tuning of low-pitched instruments, instruments with many overtones that are difficult to pick up, and acoustic instruments such as guitars and ukuleles. The CM-400 contact microphone (sold separately) can be used to transmit vibrations directly to the tuner for reliable tuning regardless of the surrounding environment.

The LCD needle meter, which uses Korg's proprietary technology to accurately detect pitch without time lag, also allows you to check the "shaking" that tends to occur with long tones on wind instruments, helping you to develop a stable, unshakeable pronunciation.

Added transpose function switchable to in F, in B♭, and in E♭

The transpose function is useful for transposed instruments where the actual note played differs from the note name written in the score. In addition to the usual in C, it is now possible to switch between in F, in B♭, and in E♭. This makes it possible for even beginners to play correctly while looking at the score.

Marks that indicate pure major and minor third intervals

In an ensemble such as a brass band or orchestra, harmonies of third intervals are easily perceived as out of tune, and can be made to sound better by slightly adjusting the pitch to a pure major or minor third. The TM-70T’s meter scale provides marks that indicate pure major and minor thirds, and simply by tuning so that the needle coincides with these marks* allows you to play in beautiful harmony with an ensemble. This is convenient not only for orchestral instruments but also for vocal music or a cappella practice.

* When tuning to a pure major or minor third, the specific note to be adjusted depends on the music that you’re playing.

Sound Out mode generates a reference tone

In addition to a meter for visual tuning, the TM-70T provides a "sound out" mode that lets you tune using your ear while listening to a reference tone from the internal speaker or a set of connected headphones. The reference tone can be selected from the three-octave range of C3 (130.81 Hz) to C6 (1046.50 Hz), supporting not only wind instruments but also a variety of other instruments.

Sound Back mode generates the reference tone that’s closest to your input pitch

Sound Back mode generates the reference tone that’s closest to the pitch that you’re playing, while simultaneously indicating your input pitch on the meter. Since this allows you to check the pitch with both eye and ear, it lets you tune more precisely, and it’s also ideal for ear training. Refining your ear is a particularly helpful practice method for the beginner.

*This function is available when there is a connection either to the INPUT jack or to the headphone jack (or both).

A metronome section that’s useful for practicing a variety of styles

Easily set the tempo using three different methods

You can set the tempo using three different methods: "pendulum step" lets you increase or decrease the tempo value in the same way as the settings on a standard pendulum-type metronome, "full step" lets you specify the tempo in single-step increments in the range of 30–252, and "tap tempo" lets you specify the desired tempo by pressing the switch in time with the song you’re playing.

Fifteen rhythm variations for practicing a wide range of musical genres

There are 15 different built-in rhythms* including time signatures from 0 through 9 as well as duplets, triplets, triplets with the middle note omitted, quadruplets, and quadruplets with the middle notes omitted, and the tempo can be freely specified in the range of 30–252 beats per minute. Sophisticated rhythms such as triplets or quadruplets with the middle notes omitted are used in a wide range of styles from classical to rock and jazz.

*When using the tuner function and metronome function simultaneously, you can’t specify triplets, triplets with the middle note omitted, quadruplets, or quadruplets with the middle notes omitted.

  • TM-70T
  • TM-70T
  • TM-70T

Made in Japan quality

Tuning is the basis of playing, and musicians should feel secure when using our tuners and metronomes and so the TM-70T is manufactured in Japan to ensure the highest possible quality control.
In 1975, Korg introduced the concept of the needle meter, which is the basis of modern tuners, and was one of the first companies to start making compact tuners. Since then, Korg has come up with a broad range of tuners and metronomes that can be used in any situation
The TM-70T, which incorporates all of Korg's tuning technology, expertise and decades of experience, will be a good partner for many years to come, supporting and improving your playing.

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