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The New Standard in Tuners for Analog and Modular Synthesizers

The ST1K is a synthesizer-focused tuner that merges Korg’s legendary experience in tuner technology with a deep understanding of the characteristics of analog and modular synthesis. Designed with the unique needs of analog and modular synth players in mind, the ST1K is compact, precise, and offers high visibility, ensuring your synth is accurately tuned the way you want every time.

Analog synthesizers can be tricky to tune, with their pitch often fluctuating as the circuit adjusts to temperature changes. You may also want to microtune different oscillators within the one synth. These requirements make reliable tuning essential, whether you're recording in the studio or performing live.

The ST1K delivers this with its capability for ultra-precise tuning to ±0.1 cent, and features a large CMD LCD display that provides a clear, visually appealing readout of your tuning status, aligning with the aesthetics of modular and analog synths. It also includes a built-in high-sensitivity microphone, expanding its use to a broader range of instruments.
At only 83 grams, this incredibly compact and light tuner is perfect for musicians and performers on the move.


  • Optimized circuitry for stable tuning of analog and modular synths.
  • 3D visual meter with superior visibility and aesthetics.
  • Ultra-precise tuning down to ±0.1 cents.
  • Three meter display modes in addition to note name display.
  • Compact, flat design that is easy to carry anywhere.

Optimized circuitry for stable tuning of analog synths.

The ST1K's input circuit has been finely tuned to provide stable tuning for modular synths, accommodating high voltage levels without interference from LED noise, and with a clear focus on maintaining sound quality.

3D visual meter that produces large screen visibility and groundbreaking visual effects.

The large, easy-to-read note name display and glowing LEDs allow the user to clearly perceive pitch deviations and changes at a glance. The 3D visual meter makes it possible to tune to within ±0.1 cents, which is difficult with needle meters.

Ultra-precise tuning down to ±0.1 cents.

Professional recording and stage performances always require perfect tuning. The ST1K is capable of ultra-high-precision tuning down to ±0.1 cents in strobe mode. With the high measurement accuracy of the flagship model, this compact tuner is a true professional tuner that allows you to track down even the smallest errors in pitch.

Three meter display modes in addition to note name display.

Three types of meter display modes can be selected to suit the player's style. In addition to the standard "Regular Mode", the "Strobe Mode" and "Half Strobe Mode" indicate pitch changes by the direction and speed of meter flow, making it easy to see even the smallest errors.

Compact, flat design allows you to carry a large screen with you.

The meter display is large and easy to read, yet the body is smaller and more compact. The flat design provides excellent visibility and portability.

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