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Learn To Dance With Korg’s Innovative iPhone App; Step Master

Anaheim, CA– January 22, 2015 - - Korg releases STEP MASTER, a revolutionary dance training iPhone app aimed at improving the users’ sense of rhythm in a game like manner. Dancers from beginner to expert level will work at becoming a better dancer by improving the body’s core strength and sense of tempo. Designed from the dancer’s point of view, STEP MASTER provides both entertainment and instruction.

STEP MASTER contains cutting edge technology from electronic music master Korg, as well as elements from the Topfield Dance Center in Shibuya, Tokyo, a studio Korg opened in 2013 with internationally acclaimed dancer Takahiro.

The iPhone attaches to the dancers waist utilizing an Accelerometer to accurately detect the dancer’s movements and the Advice function informs the user to speed up or slow down in real time. The app also has a Movie function so the participant can record the performance and a graph that will highlight weak points to target improvements.

As scores improve, users move to the next level. From basic steps to complex choreography STEP MASTER has a total of 49 dance variations, each clearly illustrated with motion graphics that rotate 360 degrees, allowing the participant to see every detail of the choreography. STEP MASTER is the birth of a new dance training tool that will help dancers master the moves.


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