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KORG Introduces Limited Edition MS-20 Module Kit with SQ-1 Analog Sequencer

Anaheim, CA– January 22, 2015 - - Available in a limited run from Korg, the MS-20 Module Kit with SQ-1 Analog Sequencer, allow users to assemble a module version of the iconic MS-20 analog synthesizer with greatly expanded synthesis capabilities. This desktop version of the MS-20 puts real analog gear the hands of musicians looking to integrate classic sounds with their current setup, and the bundled SQ-1 adds even more value and musical potential thanks to a robust feature set.

Limited to a run of 1,000 units worldwide, each MS-20M Kit will come bundled with an SQ-1 sequencer featuring dual CV (Hz/V and V/Oct) trigger and gate, Audio Sync (to clock volca series, electribes, or monotribe), three-pin and USB MIDI, plus much more. This will enable users to integrate MS-20M – along with any other CV-equipped analog product - to be fully integrated into a digital/analog hybrid production setup” stated James Sajeva, Brand Manager for Korg products. “The feature-rich sequencing of the SQ-1 is sure is fun, flexible, and powerful; with options to run and/or clock multiple devices.”

The MS-20 kit features all the synthesis power of the MS-20 plus new oscillator sync and FM modes, a filter select switch (to jump between the original and later production filters from the original MS-20), and a comprehensive junction section for integration with SQ-1 and other CV-equipped analog components.


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