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Korg Introduces Cortosia, Interactive Tuner App For Flute, Clarinet and Trumpet

Anaheim, CA– January 22, 2015 - - Korg introduces Cortosia, a revolutionary tuner app designed to improve the overall quality of sound produced by the artist. The initial release will support the flute, clarinet and trumpet with future upgrades expected to increase the variety of instruments supported.

Through cooperative research with Professor Xavier Sera at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain, Korg identified the five elements for evaluating good sound: pitch stability, dynamic stability, timbre stability, timbre richness and attack clarity. Cortosia allows users to immediately achieve, record and communicate “good sounds” by analyzing these five elements in real time and scores them on a 100 point scale. At a glance users can see what aspects of tone they are lacking. Scores can also be posted on Twitter, Facebook or uploaded to a server to track daily progress, acting as a live diary.

In addition, the sounds and work can be communicated via www.good-sounds.org, Professor Sera’s interactive academic website. On the site, musicians can compete against the rest of the world for a good sound ranking, receive objective evaluations of their performances and engage in discussions with fellow players. Cortosia is highly recommended for beginners who have just started an instrument as well as for the intermediate players who want to advance to the next level.


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