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Sound Librarian / Sound Packs

با ‏minilogue Sound Librarian‏ می توانید برنامه های خود را در‎ minilogue‏ مرتب و منظم کنید و ‏program library‏ را در کامپیوتر ذخیره نمایید. برای مدیریت برنامه ها قبلا پایگاه هایی از کارخانه ‏بارگذاری می شد.‏


Sound Librarian‏ را برای ویندوز دانلود کنید >

Sound Packs vol.1
"UK Producer Set"

مجموعه ای از برنامه ها برای دارندگان ‏minilogue‏ در نظر گرفته شده است که باس های انالوگ پرحجم، ‏پدهای گرم ، ‏emulation‏ های عالی، ‏FX‏ و صداهای تند وتیز را شامل می شود.‏
این برنامه ها توسط دو برنامه ساز انگلیسی ‏Dan Goldman (aka JD73)‎‏ و ‏Tim Mantle‏ ساخته شده ‏اند.‏
‏75 برنامه ی طراحی شده به گونه ای هستند که بسیاری از سبک های موسیقی 4 دهه ی گذشته را تحت پوشش ‏قرار می دهند.‏
در ضمن، هر برنامه دارای یک ‏step sequence‏ است تا در روند تولید موسیقی خلاقیت شما را به کار اندازد.‏
سایت رسمی ‏Dan‏:‏
‎ JD73 ( http://www.jd73.co.uk/)‎
‎ JD73 Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/jd73fanpage)‎

سایت رسمی ‏Tim‏: ‏
Psalm 37 ( http://www.timmantle.com/psalm37.html)‎
‎ Psalm 37 Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/Psalm37-235038723181861)‎

Sound Packs vol.2
"Euro Producer Set"

A second collection of "must have programs" for all minilogue owners. Featuring wobbling basses, spheric sounds, jazzy chords, retro leads, percussive sounds and vintage emulations.

Created by synth programmer Matthias Sauer (aka App Sound) from Germany.
The 64 programs have been expertly crafted to fit perfectly with a broad range of popular electronic music.
In addition, each program includes a step sequence providing instant inspiration for your music productions.

Matthias’ web pages:
APP SOUND SoundCloud /  APP SOUND Facebook


Sound Packs vol. 3
“Spanish Pro Set”


Crunchy basses, smooth pads, nostalgic vintage emulations and many other programs in this must-have collection for minilogue users.

Created by Alex Martin, Dani Ferrer, Edu Martinez, Santi Comet and Marc Pitarch, five of the most accomplished musicians in Spain’s music scene.

These 50 programs have been carefully tailored to provide you with instant inspiration and make your tracks stand out!

Additionally, most programs include a step sequence providing instant inspiration for your music productions.

Sound Packs vol. 4
The Deep Dive

With this collection of 110 patches, sound designer Artemiy Pavlov attempts to dive into the deepest depths of the minilogue and reveal its hidden superpowers. It includes meticulously crafted synths, leads, basses, pads, drones, and chords – many of them you simply would not believe this little wonder of an instrument could produce. The bank also features new takes on classic 80’s and 90’s sounds plus a few bonus drums and effects, with absolutely all patches accompanied by original step sequences.

"Analogue Vintage" by Toby Baker

Created by session player and music producer Toby Baker, "Analogue Vintage" consists of a collection of analogue pads, bass, lead, and brass sounds for minilogue. Toby has recreated some of the most distinctive synth sounds heard on Funk, Soul and Pop music from the 70’s and 80’s, many of which are still hugely popular today.

Sound packs vol.6
"Lo-Fi Textures" by OscillatorSink

The Minilogue can be a lot of things, but when OscillatorSink first laid hands on it he was immediately drawn to the sounds he was finding were a little less than pristine. Sounds that were a little dirty, a little dark, sometimes crunchy, noisy or wobbly - but the character of the synth always shone through and made him feel warm and fuzzy as he explored them. He decided to lean into this idea and seek out sounds where it was the imperfections that gave them their appeal; that’s where the Lo-Fi Textures Patch Pack comes from. These 50 new patches draw inspiration from the wow and flutter of an old reel-to-reel, worn-out VHSes, the spaces between radio stations and circuits operating beyond their original purposes: unstable, fragile, nostalgic and warm.

Sound Packs vol. 7
"Twopointohone" by OscillatorSink

The TwoPointOhOne Patch Pack brings together a collection of patches inspired by, and taking advantage of, 2.0.1 update for the Korg minilogue. Every patch takes advantage of the new “Slider Range” feature which makes the minilogue’s mod lever hugely more flexible when it comes to controlling a whole wealth of the minilogue’s parameters. The range of the mod lever has been tweaked in each case to make for a fun performance element that maintains usability across the whole range. Each patch has also been treated to a dose of microtuning - in some cases to sweeten, in others to enhance the wonkiness of the patch and then there are those treated to some of the more… “esoteric” tunings to help you find melodies that you never knew existed!

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