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New KRONOS Sound Libraries: two new libraries from KORG, two new libraries from KApro, and one new library and two new bundle packages from Kid Nepro.

KORG has released two new EXs libraries.

EXs20 Grand Concert Organ
(USD $99.00)

Contents: Approximately 646 MB of PCM samples, 128 Programs, 8 Stereo Multi-samples
This library contains a wide variety of Pipe Organ sounds including a pastoral Positive Organ, a solemn Tutti Organ, and more.

EXs21 SGX-2 Italian F Piano
(USD $199.00)

Contents: Approximately 7.5 GB of PCM samples, 32 Programs, and 16 SGX-2 Piano Types
Our new Italian Full Concert Piano has been captured for the SGX-2 sound engine and is based on a famous Italian grand piano that is becoming increasingly popular and used in many world-class piano competitions. This extraordinarily beautiful sounding Piano was chosen and tuned by skilled technicians and will bring new life to your piano performances.   

KApro has released a new EXs library set: “Past & Present” as well as a new EXs library.

KApro Past & Present
(USD $99.00)

EXs268 KApro Past & Present part 1
EXs269 KApro Past & Present part 2
EXs270 KApro Past & Present part 3
EXs271 KApro Past & Present part 4

Contents: Approximately 7.13 GB of PCM samples (needs approximately 555 MB of Virtual Memory), 128 Programs, 142 Stereo Multi-samples (3,270 Stereo Samples)
This title includes the sound from a historic vintage synthesizer released in 1975.

EXs272 KApro Showcase
(USD $99.00)

Contents: Approximately 1.67 GB of PCM samples (needs approximately 124 MB of Virtual Memory), 32 Programs, 32 Wave Sequences, 27 Stereo Multi-samples (1,116 Stereo Samples)
This title contains 32 new programs for KRONOS SE, made by KApro who is highly reputed especially in symphonic sounds. The highlight is the really authentic sound performances programmed with “Round Robin” samples.

Kid Nepro
Kid Nepro has released a new EXs library and two new bundle packages.

EXs182 Kid Nepro Electric Guitars V3
(USD $69.00)

Contents: Approximately 61 MB of PCM samples, 32 Programs, 16 Combinations, 32 Guitar Phrase Loops
EXs 182 - Electric Guitars V3 has amazing new samples played by John McShane - a veteran guitarist, and it was completed with additional hot samples. It is a must-have title in your KRONOS electric guitar library.

Vols 1-15 Bundle Pack
(USD $429.00)

This complete package contains EXs80 Vintage Synths 1, EXs81 Vintage Synths 2, EXs82 Hit Factory, EXs83 Electric Guitars, EXs84 Wave Machine, EXs180 Electric Guitars V2, EXs181 Vintage Synths 3 - Midi Mix, EXs182 Electric Guitars V3, KRS-80 Soundtrack Mix, KRS-81 Sonix Bliss, KRS-82 Dark Energy, KRS-83 Analog Sensation, KRS-84 EXi Super Synths, KRS-88 Electric Pianos and KRS-89 Classic Rock, for the special low price of $429.00 - $382.00 savings.

Electric Guitars 1, 2 & 3 Bundle Pack
(USD $159.00)

This bundle package includes EXs83 Electric Guitars V1, EXs180 Electric Guitars V2, and the new EXs182 Electric Guitars V3. It is a reasonable price $159.00 - $48.00 savings (compared with separate purchasing).  


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