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iAudioGate for iPhone: version 3.5 is now available! - create your own playlists, display lyrics, improved stability and ease of use-

iAudioGate now supports lyric display and the creation of your own playlists. You can create a playlist that mixes songs with various file formats. Currently, there is a special summer sale for Korg music production applications & all software products including iAudioGate. Don’t miss this opportunity to get this ever evolving Hi-Res music player for your iPhone - or get your friends sharing what you already know about!

iAudioGate for iPhone Version 3.5.0
- Added: creating playlists. You can create playlists in the Playlists tab of the Hi-Res library.
- Added: display lyrics. The lyrics icon is displayed on the playback screen when the song has lyrics metadata.
- Improved: SNS posting function extended. now supports SNS post function not only for Facebook, Twitter, but also for various applications that support iOS share function.
- Added: switching the type of artwork in the player view from the settings. You can select whether “Round Window” or “Display the whole”. (Switching the type of artwork by tap of artwork on player view has been removed.)
- Improved: swipe gesture in player view. Now supports Return To The Song List when you swipe player view.
- Improved: accelerate search operation.
- Improved: scrolling the song list is now faster
- Improved: reduced startup time
- Fixed: displaying the player view after selecting a song is now faster
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements

How to create a playlist
Open the Playlists tab of the Hi-Res library, and tap [Create New Playlist] and enter playlist name to create.

How to add songs to a playlist
Swipe the song list to the left and open the menu. Select [Add to a Playlist] in the menu and then select a playlist or create a new playlist.

Supported file formats for displaying lyrics
- AIFF、MP3 (entered lyrics by iTunes or contains the USLT/ULT tag in ID3 format)
- ALAC、AAC (entered lyrics by iTunes)
- DSF、DSDIFF (contains the USLT/ULT tag in ID3 format)
*Synchronous lyrics is unsupported.


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