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Pre-Purchase FAQ

Q  What is "auto-accompaniment"?
The auto-accompaniment is a function which works like a backing band, or accompanists, and it provides an accompaniment automatically based on chords played on the keyboard.
The EK-50 has various accompaniment patterns (styles) including Jazz, Latin American music, etc.
Q  What kind of sound does the EK-50 have?
The EK-50 has various instrument sounds like piano, violin, sax, drums, as well as other non-instrument sounds. Please refer to the specifications for details.
Q  Does the EK-50 work with battery?
It works with eight AA batteries (alkaline, or nickel metal hydride).
Q  Can I choose velocity curves?
Yes, Please refer to the specification for details.
Q  Can I play the EK-50 with the music from a portable music player or mobile phone?
Yes, it's possible by connecting the player or phone to the Audio In jack.
Q  What kind of music file can the EK-50 playback?
MP3, WAV, SMF (MIDI) can be played back on it. Please refer to the specifications for details.
Q  What kind of USB storage device does the EK-50 support?
The EK-50 supports USB memory, disk, etc. formatted to FAT16, or FAT32.
Q  Which pedal does the EK-50 support?
Damper pedal switch: Korg PS-1, PS-3
Half-damper switch: Korg DS-1H
Expression pedal: Korg XVP-10, or EXP-2