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Pitchblack Portable


Pitchblack Portable



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Large high-brightness LED display

The large 150 mm wide display draws the player's attention with its gentle curves, and the colorful high-brightness LEDs provide excellent visibility. Whether it's placed by your feet, on top of your amp, or on a dimly-lit stage, the Pitchblack Portable delivers superb visibility in any situation.

Rapid and precise polyphonic tuning, with the tuning of all strings visible at a glance

This tuner features the same newly-developed polyphonic tuning functionality as found on the Pitchblack Poly. Play all open strings at once*, and the polyphonic meter (green/red) in the lower part of the unit will illuminate, showing you at a glance which strings require tuning. Just tune the strings that require tuning. (If all strings are perfectly in tune, you'll see a horizontal line of green LEDs.) With all open strings ringing out, turning the tuning peg of any string will cause the "String Seeker" function to automatically detect that string. The large meter (white/blue) found on the upper part of the unit will instantly zoom-in to show the tuning status so you can quickly and accurately tune the required string.
*By playing an individual string you can use the large meter for conventional chromatic tuning.

Pitchblack Portable

Three meter display modes

You can choose from three display modes for the large meter.

  • 1. Regular Meter mode
    As when using a needle-type meter tuner, tune the string so that the white LED in the center of the meter is lit. The illuminated LED will move to the right if the string is sharp, or toward the left if the string is flat.
  • 2. Strobe Meter mode
    Tune the string so that the LED meter illumination stops flowing. The illumination will flow from left to right if the string is sharp, or from right to left if the string is flat.
  • 3. Half Strobe Meter mode
    Tune the string so that the LED meter illumination stops flowing and only the center white LED is illuminated. The right side of the LED meter will strobe if the string is sharp; the left side if the string is flat. When the pitch is correct, only the center LED will be lit up.
Pitchblack Portable

Tuning with precision

When the strobe meter is selected, pitch discrepancies as small as +/-0.1 cents can be displayed, allowing ultra-high precision focused tuning that reveals even minute discrepancies.

Ideal for “floating tremolo systems”

Guitarists who use a “floating tremolo system” will have noticed that one out-of-tune string may affect the tuning of the other strings; so a single flat string may cause the other strings to sound sharp. With a traditional tuner, this may require tuning and retuning each string multiple times. The Pitchblack Poly makes it easy to identify and correct the one flat string, causing the other strings to sound their correct pitch.

Automatic detection of guitar/bass, and support for flat, capo, and drop-D tuning

Korg's proprietary functionality will automatically detect whether the input signal is a guitar or bass (4-6 basses are supported). In addition to regular tuning, it's also easy to choose alternative tunings such as flat, capo, or drop-D.

Pitchblack Portable

Cable Checker function warns of broken or shorted cables

Korg's revolutionary Cable Checker function is built into the Pitchblack Portable; simply connect the two ends of your monaural phone cable to the INPUT jack and the CABLE CHECK jack, and the display will tell you whether the cable is broken. This is a convenient way to avoid problems on stage or in the studio.

Buffered output minimizes any change in audio quality, and the Mute function lets you tune silently


The Pitchblack Portable is designed with a buffered output to minimize any change or additional noise in the audio input signal. There's also a Mute function that lets you tune without producing sound from the OUTPUT jack, which is a real convenience for live performances. 

Pitchblack Portable

A welcome addition to your pedalboard

The Pitchblack Portable is sized like a pedal effect unit, and will conveniently fit into most effect pedalboard systems. In addition, the Pitchblack Portable also provides a DC OUT jack that can be used to feed power to other effect pedals (when using the optional AC adapter). With a dedicated power supply circuit for the DC OUT, this jack is able to provide a stable and noiseless power supply (9V 200mA) that's equivalent to a dedicated effect pedal power supply. By connecting a commercially available DC cable, you can supply power to multiple effect pedals, allowing you to simplify the power connections in your pedalboard.

Pitchblack Portable

Slim horizontal body fits anywhere

The slim horizontal body made out of extruded aluminum occupies little space, easily fitting into a gap in your effect pedalboard, or placed on top of your amp.

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