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Stunning Sound


With 50 years of experience, Korg has consistently set the bar for sound quality in performance instruments, and have been relied on by musicians around the world all the while. The Pa600 gives you a rich, detailed, natural sound with instruments from almost every genre; exploding with depth, subtlety, and accuracy. With DNC (Defined Nuance Control) and RX (Real eXperience), you can add easily-controlled natural sounds and gestures that are part of playing a real instrument, such as guitar fret noise, horn glissandos, and mechanical key sounds. Over 950 expressive sounds are included, including a refreshed GM sound set and 64 drum kits. There is also an amazing multilayer stereo acoustic piano that was accurately sampled from a Concert Grand, and includes String and Damper pedal Resonance. Sounds are fully customizable to your tastes, and your changes can be saved for fast locating and use in your performances.

One very exciting feature added to the Pa600 is the option of purchasing musical sounds and styles from different regions around the world. 96MB of dedicated memory allows many instruments to be added to the Pa600QT sound engine, and used with styles that were developed to represent many of the popular musical styles of certain countries. Full details on the available options can be found at shop.korg.com/pa

Enhancing Effects

Great sound is more than just the quality of the samples. For many years, Korg has produced outstanding studio quality effects, and that experience has been incorporated into our arrangers. . Pa600QT has four Stereo Master Effect processors with 125 effects; standards such as reverb, delay and chorus, as well as some of our universally acclaimed and more specialized REMS guitar-based effects for authentic guitar tones.

Each Track features EQ with Low, Mid and High controls. A custom track EQ can be memorized in Song Play mode, helping you sculpt the sounds to your personal taste for any MIDI file you play. Need less low end on your bass track? Save the desired equalization, and the bass will stay light with all the subsequent Songs.

To add final polish, a limiter and final 4-band parametric EQ have been added at the end of the audio path. Everything can be processed by this powerful and musically refined EQ, and lets you adjust the overall tonality of the Pa600QT to your musical taste, and even helps you to make one-time adjustments in problematic live environments.



The Pa600QT delivers a new set of great-sounding and vibrant styles, programmed by some of the leading arrangers in the world, highlighting their unique musical strengths. The result is hundreds of included Styles that provide unparalleled realism and detail. Covering an expanded range of musical genres, the Pa600QT provides styles for almost every occasion. If you require a special Style collection, simply record and edit your own styles on board.

Evolve your performance with four Fills, Break, three Intros and three Endings. More flexibility is added by the choice of different transposition tables to suit any instrument characteristic, and the stunning Guitar Mode 2 adds a totally new perspective to how realistic Guitar tracks can sound. If you need both hands to play a solo passage, record a fast chord sequence and let the Pa600QT’s Chord Sequencer play it for you.

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