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Minilogue Bass is the evolution of the iconic Korg Minilogue into an all-analogue bass powerhouse. An expandable poly-synth that retains the hands-on control and immersive playability of the original, Minilogue Bass drops deep, dark, thunderous low-end for cutting production-ready bass.

minilogue bass Limited Edition - Polyphonic Analog Synth

minilogue bass Limited Edition - Overview & Sound Demo

Production-ready bass

Minilogue Bass includes patches optimized by professional bass and synth programmers, ready to drop into your track or performance. But that’s just the beginning – everything can be customised… the analogue possibilities are virtually endless. 

All 100 preset patches are exclusive to Minilogue Bass, and can be further expanded with an additional 100 user programs for a total of 200 slots.

minilogue bass artists

minilogue bass - Michihiko Nakanishi plays & talks about his designed sounds

minilogue bass - Hikaru Yamamoto plays & talks about her designed sounds

minilogue bass - Devonwho plays & talks about his designed sounds

minilogue bass - Minoru Koike plays & talks about his designed sounds

Powerfully analogue

The thickness, presence, and immense sonic palette provided by Minilogue Bass is due to an all-analogue signal path. It has two VCOs, a VCF, two EGs, a VCA and an LFO, while retaining the hands-on control and unique wave shaping through oscillator harmonics from Minilogue.

Minilogue Bass includes cross modulation, oscillator sync, and a ring modulator, alongside a high-pass filter delay to further expand your sound creation possibilities.

Eight voice modes

Minilogue Bass is a four-voice poly synth, with eight voice modes for broad versatility. 

Alongside POLY and CHORD modes, DUO stacks two voices in unison, UNISON works as a 4 part mono synth, MONO is monophonic but with a sub-oscillator playing an octave lower, DELAY plays 3 voices in sequence after the first, ARP is a 4 voice arpeggiator, and SIDE CHAIN lowers the volume of previously played notes.

Voice mode
- POLY: works as a four-voice poly synth
- DUO: works as a poly synth with two voices stacked in unison
- UNISON: plays all voices in unison, as a mono synth
- MONO: operates as a mono synth with sub-oscillator
- CHORD: plays chords
- DELAY: voices 2–4 play in delayed sequence after voice 1 plays
- ARP: plays the arpeggiator (maximum of 4 voices)
- SIDE CHAIN: lowers the volume of the previously-played voice when a new voice is played

16-step sequencing

Minilogue Bass offers powerful and intuitive sequencing possibilities. The 16-step polyphonic sequencer also captures the motion of up to four real-time controls, and can be overdubbed or step-sequenced, alongside the ability to change the root position of the playback by playing a key.

Sound visualisation

Minilogue Bass has an OLED oscilloscope that shows you the waveform as you sculpt your sound.

Solid looks

The sand-blasted 2mm aluminium front panel on Minilogue Bass features an edgy appearance, which is emphasised by the inverted black and red keys. A red-coloured wood rear panel further adds to a unique appearance. 

Minilogue bass is also roadworthy – with metal shaft chassis-mounted potentiometers and rubber coated knobs complementing its powerful and dynamic sound creation possibilities.

Minilogue Bass sound librarian

The Minilogue Bass Sound Librarian allows for easy organisation of programs inside your synth, and can also save the entire library to a computer. It even gives the ability to load any existing Minilogue patches alongside factory and bonus libraries from Korg.

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