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Music rest, pedal (DS-1H) are included



KORG Design

Since its birth, KORG has strived to create unique and unconventional products, full of originality and different from anything else out there. This particular mentality translates as well to our product designs.

By introducing revolutionary features that constantly infuse our original vision into our products, it is only natural that the design follows that same direction. Still, we keep in mind that even the most innovative products won’t make an impact if the users can’t intuitively perceive all the fun and enjoyment that they can provide.

We believe that our products’ originality and uniqueness are born in the thin line separating innovation and the product’s essence.

01: Think

Although we think it's by chance, KORG has released a stage piano approximately every ten years (*), and the SV-1 model, which debuted in 2009, is thankfully still going strong. Among these instruments, we felt that the Grandstage needed to be a stage piano with a different character than the SV-1.

While the SV-1 has a design based on elegant curves that are reminiscent of a vintage electric piano, the Grandstage aims for simplicity with a sense of presence and quality visible for both the performer and the audience. We also received numerous opinions regarding previous products, and worked to reflect these, and committed ourselves to improve usability.

* The SG-1 went on sale in 1986, The SG ProX in 1997, the SV-1 in 2009, and the Grandstage in 2017.

02: Realize

Although Grandstage is a piano with a simple design, it has three key characteristics that I would like to mention.

First is the R-shape that surrounds the keyboard, which is the first thing you see when you sit in front of the Grandstage. This is based on the soft curve of an acoustic piano. The black panel is finished with a special process that accentuates the design of the keyboard area, and also has the functional role of clearly demarcating the keyboard from the switches; it's shaped in such a way that when you play the keyboard, your fingers are unlikely to contact the switches.

Next is the operation panel that lies beyond the R-shape. The approximate panel layout was essentially completed at an early stage, but the actual shape of the switches and knobs and their placement was reconsidered numerous times with the aim of making them easily understandable. In the process of repeatedly making full-sized switches and three-dimensional prototypes, each person developed their own opinions, and it was difficult to arrive at a conclusion.

Last is the vertical pattern that extends from the back of the panel and wraps around to the rear. The character of this pattern varies depending on how the light falls on it; in a dim location it's a muted color, but is clearly visible when a spotlight shines on it. The KORG logo also lights up in a beautiful way to make the player stand out. Of course, you can also turn off the illumination if you feel it’s excessive.

03: Message

Since it went on sale, the Grandstage has received high praise from numerous pro musicians, and has seen a great deal of use by those musicians on stage. Although it features sound and controls that meet the exact needs of a professional, operation is not difficult.

We believe we have created an instrument that lets you find sounds that are to your taste and which you simply enjoy playing.

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