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Compact Design, Uncompromising High-Quality Audio Playback Capabilities
– DS-DAC-100m 

Approximately the same size as a portable hard disk, the DS-DAC100m contains essentially the same circuitry as the upper-level model DS-DAC-100. It provides a compact version of this high-quality audio playback system featuring the same great sound as the DS-DAC100.

  • Compact Design
  • AudioGate 3 and the DS-DAC interfaces provide the simplest and yet most comprehensive high-quality playback system available
  • Realtime DSD conversion delivers optimum sound
  • Native DSD playback of 2.8224 MHz or 5.6448 MHz DSD files
  • Pro-quality hardware design that builds on the achievements of the MR series DSD recorders
  • Stable, dedicated Win/Mac drivers developed specifically for AudioGate 3 and the DS-DAC series
  • PHONON SMB-02 DS-DAC EDITION is available. -- Made exclusively for the KORG 1bit USB DAC products --

KORG caught up with award winning record producer Steve Levine at his Liverpool studio, to talk about the DS DAC 100.
Steve has recorded a special track for KORG with The Lottery Winners.....Recorded at 96k and available for download by clicking here. Owners of the Audio Gate system can listen to this track in it's purest form. The KORG DS-DAC reveals the audio clarity and quality created by Steve without any coloration or degradation of the original material.
The DS-DAC interface provides the simplest and most comprehensive high --quality playback system available.

AudioGate and DS-DAC Setup Download

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