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"Our respects to the late Alan R. Pearlman, founder of ARP instruments."

"On Sunday, January 6, 2019, Alan R. Pearlman died at the age of 93. Alan is one of the most important people to have worked in the music instrument business. After working on both the Gemini and Apollo rocket programs in the early 1960s, in 1969 he founded ARP the company responsible for legendary synthesizer instruments such as the 2600 and Odyssey. There is no doubt that music from the 1970s onwards would not have been the same without his vision. ARP synthesizers inspired countless musicians, featured on some of the most popular records of all time and opened a whole new world of electronic sound creation and musical synthesis. Even after the ARP company closed in 1981, ARP synthesizers directly and indirectly influenced music and synthesiser development in the decades that followed.

We honor the memory of Alan R. Pearlman; a giant in the development of musical instruments and a man whose work has touched musicians and music lovers around the world."


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