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iOS 9 support for KORG apps

We are excited about iOS 9 from Apple that will be released on September 16, however we are also aware of some compatibility problems with some of our apps. In particular, we have confirmed that KORG Gadget for iPad, KORG Module for iPad and iM1 for iPad have fatal problems (e.g. crash on start-up) so if you wish to continue using these apps please refrain from updating your iPhone/iPad to iOS 9. As with many apps from other developers our other apps also have some issues that we are working to resolve ASAP.


We are currently preparing new updates that are compatible with iOS 9. These updates will be available on the Apple app Store as soon as we confirm they are completely stable. Until then, we advise that you do not update to iOS 9 until all applications have been confirmed as okay. We will inform you once we have finalized these updates which should be very soon.


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