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Pa600MY, Malaysia’s First Musical Keyboard.

The Korg Pa600MY is collaboration between Korg Inc and CK Music Sdn Bhd

With a vision of having localized instruments for markets with rich, distinctive ethnic identity such as Malaysia, Korg & CK Music Sdn Bhd embarked on a project in 2014 to build a localized Professional Arranger keyboard for Malaysia

Some question that sparked the project include
Which part of Malaysia's music heritage makes the best representation.
Which music genres should be included?
Which era of local music?

After thorough research, it was understood that Malay, Chinese and Indian, altogether represents Malaysia as one voice.

The next phase of the project includes shortlisting the various ethnic Malay, Chinese and Indian musical instruments to be sampled in to keyboard along with the different genres of musical styles.

Ethnic musicians were engaged in the consultation and sampling process of the project. Each instrument was played and sampled by professional ethnic musicians in a professional recording studio. Once the sampling was done, the audio was edited and cleaned up which leads us to the next phase of the project.

With deep understanding of each and every ethnic instrument, our product specialist worked on refining the samples. Upon completion of the ethnic instrument samples, they were added onto the Korg Pa600MY.

The final stage of the project includes creating ethnic musicals styles, traditional and contemporary ethnic songs of Malaysia's 3 races were created. Users can enjoy the traditional musical styles of Malaysia as a one-man musical band in a keyboard.

And now, Korg and CK Music are pleased to introduce Malaysia's First Musical Keyboard to Malaysian music lovers.

The sampling process

Sampling Gallery

  • Angklung

    Malay Percussion - Angklung (wooden)

  • Gu Zheng

    Chinese Strings - Gu Zheng (Zither Family)

  • Dholak

    Indian Percussion - Dholak (Wood-Skin Family)

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