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31 Ethnic Instrument Sounds

The Pa600MY features 31 amazing ethnic instrument sounds unique to our Malay, Chinese and Indian communities. Each instrument features multiple sound samples, painstakingly recorded from professional musicians and real live instruments using state-of-the-art recording techniques.

Also included is a bonus library of 43 localised styles unique to the Malay, Chinese and Indian community. From traditional lion dance, Chinese opera and Mando Pop, to traditional Malay dance such as the Zapin or Joget, and even the Bhangra and Bollywood styles from the Indian community, the Pa600MY combines the musical essence of our 3 ethnic groups into 1 keyboard. 

List of Malay Instruments

  • Cak Lengpong Percussion (Brass-Mallet Family)
  • Angklung Percussion (Wooden)
  • Kompang Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)
  • Seruling Wind Instrument (Flute Family)
  • Rebana Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)
  • Malay Gong Percussion (Brass-Mallet Family)
  • Marwas Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)
  • Serunai Wind Instrument (Flute Family)
  • Gendang Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)

List of Chinese Instruments

  • Gu Zheng Plucked Strings (Zither Family)
  • Pi Pa Plucked Strings (Lute Family)
  • Liu Qin Plucked Strings (Lute Family)
  • San Xian Plucked Strings (Lute Family)
  • Ruan Plucked Strings (Lute Family)
  • Er Hu Bowed Strings (Huqin Family)
  • Yang Qin Hammered Strings (Chinese Dulcimer Family)
  • Di Zi Wind Instrument (Flute Family)
  • Jing Bo Percussion (Cymbals Family)
  • Xiao Luo / Jing Luo Percussion (Gong Family)
  • Ban Gu Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)

List of Indian Instruments

  • Dholak Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)
  • Mridangam Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)
  • Nadhaswaram Woodwind (Brass Family)
  • Thavil Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)
  • Veena String Instrument (Plucked Family)
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