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Un synthétiseur analogique semi-modulaire qui rend la synthèse modulaire plus accessible et compréhensible qu'elle ne l'a jamais été.

Créer de nouveaux sons qui n'existent pas encore est un rêve sans fin qui se poursuit depuis la naissance des instruments de musique électronique. Ce rêve a évolué et s'est enrichi au travers du développement de nouveaux et uniques outils de production.

La popularité des synthétiseurs modulaires dans le monde entier a généré un nouvel engouement pour la synthèse "West Coast" qui dévie de la synthèse plus traditionnelle.

Le corps compact de ce synthé volca comprend 8 modules et 50 points de patch. Tout en apprenant les bases d'un synthétiseur modulaire, vous pourrez utiliser les célèbres fonctionnalités de la série Volca pour contrôler un son analogique à la saveur unique et particulière.

Film d'introduction du Volca Modular

Un synthé analogique composé de modules

Huit modules

Le volca modular est un synthétiseur semi-modulaire combinant un synthé analogique au format module, des effets numériques et un séquenceur. Chacun des modules a été soigneusement sélectionné pour une parfaite complétude. Les modules sont précablés en interne, de cette manière, vous pourrez produire du son sans avoir à patcher au préalable avec les câbles à broches fournis. Le routing est indiqué par les lignes blanches sur le panneau. Les connexions réalisées via les câbles prennent le pas sur les connexions précablées.


Cette partie se compose d'un VCO porteur, de forme triangle et d'un modulateur. Les harmoniques complexes générés par la modulation FM sont envoyés au travers d'un circuit wave folder pour s'enrichir de plus d'harmoniques, et produire un son distinctif. Ce module est important car il détermine la base du caractère sonore du volca modular.


Cette partie comporte 2 générateurs (d'enveloppe). En plus d'un générateur d'envelope AHR, Attack, Hold et Release, vous trouverez un générateur d'envelope Rise-Fall, aussi connu sous le nom de Slope Generator, qui en plus d'appliquer des variations sonores dans le temps vous permet de patcher le Trigger Out de l'enveloppe dans le Trigger In, créant une boucle qui vous permet de générer un nouveau VCO ou LFO.


Ce module est un générateur de signal aléatoire disposant un circuit de Sample & Hold utilisant du bruit rose comme source. deux sorties sont présentes, permettant d'utiliser une sortie directe ou plus adoucie de bruit aléatoire.


Ce module distribue une entrée dans deux sorties. Il peut également être utilisé dans le sens inverse, en combinant deux contrôles ou signaux audio en un seul.


This consists of two low-pass gate circuits. Typical of the West Coast style of synthesis, the module packages a filter with an amp, allowing the brightness and volume of the sound to vary together.


C'est un module de mixage combinant deux signaux de diverses manières. Il peut mixer non seulement de l'audio mais également des contrôles, et il peut aussi inverser ou atténuer ces signaux.


C'est un module stéréo appliquant un effet de type Reverb au signal audio.


Ce module vous connecte au séquenceur interne. Il vous permet de régler le tempo et de sélectionner différentes divisions de rythme par la sortie Gate.

Feuille de référence (produit inclus)


A fusion of West Coast style in a volca format

Analog synthesizers in which a simple oscillator such as a saw wave or square wave is modified by a filter are referred to as "East Coast style" because of their origin from well-known American manufacturers. Synths of this style, as exemplified by the MS-20, have continued to evolve toward a goal of being used in many mainstream musical genres, thus being equipped with a keyboard for performance. Their sounds are notable for sharp filters and rich presence, and can be heard in many well-known songs.

Synthesizers of the "West Coast style" evolved in a uniquely different direction from such musical developments. Pursuing the freedom that is inherent to electronic musical instruments, these were based on oscillators such as FM modulation which generated numerous overtones, and used random and complex control signals and low-pass gate circuits to vary tonal character and volume, so that slight movement of a knob might dramatically transform the sound. While their potential was acknowledged, the resulting sound and its changes were difficult to predict, causing these synths to be used in a more experimental capacity.

For these reasons, hardware products of this style have been few in number. However, recent years have seen the popularity of modular synths such as Eurorack, as well as DAW plugin instruments that resurrect classic bygone synths of the past. This world-wide movement toward embracing interesting sounds has received renewed attention, spurring a new look at the sounds of this style.

Starting from analog, and freely taking in all elements including FM and PCM, the volca series has also focused on this trend. And now, this distinctive "West Coast style" sound has been added to the KORG volca series.

Patching allows infinite possibilities

volca modular’s modules are connected via the included pin cables, allowing a diverse range of combinations. The unit's compact chassis provides 50 patch points. Inputs and outputs are color-coded for recognition at a glance, and the signals are also marked by symbols to indicate audio, control, gate or trigger. Normally, each signal is connected according to its use, but on the volca modular, signal levels are universally compatible between modules, allowing hidden possibilities to arise from patching that defies common sense. Twenty pin cables are included, and also included is a reference sheet explaining each patch point and providing basic examples of patching.

Main patch examples:


1.Western Bongo

A metallic percussion sound produced by FM modulation and a wave folder. This is a basic sound of the SOURCE module.

2.Random Release

The release time of the ADH generator is varied randomly by sample & hold, applying an organic rhythm to the sequence.

3.Gate Math

A gate counter of a different frequency is subtractively mixed. The UTILITY knob controls the amount of mix, varying the rhythm of the tonal change

4.Polyrhythmic Duo

The FM modulator is obtained as triangle wave audio, and by passing it through a low-pass gate function that is separate from the carrier, two types of phrases are layered poly rhythmically.


The Rise-Fall generator is looped to create an LFO which modulates the pitch and cutoff. Since the speed of the LFO itself changes irregularly, a variety of tonal characters is produced.

6.Walking Bass

A triangle wave with lowered pitch is sounded at a low rate by the gate counter. This causes the bass to be added to the main sequence just once every four steps.


The LFO is used to minutely modulate the pitch of a triangle wave, letting you play a mellow-sounding lead that is reminiscent of solo strings.

8.Dubstep Bass

The LFO modulates the cutoff of the low-pass gate, sounding an FM bass with a sense of movement. UTILITY and SPLIT are used to slow down the LFO as the pitch becomes lower.

volca sequencer elevates experimental sounds into music


Sixteen-step sequencer that can automate parameters

While the volca modular is a semi-modular synth, it is equipped with a full-fledged 16-step sequencer providing a wide range of functions, letting you enjoy automatic performance even when used stand-alone.

Using the 16 buttons familiar from the volca series, you can perform step input or use the buttons as a keyboard for realtime recording. The pattern chaining function plays back multiple sequence patterns in succession, allowing you to connect up to 16 sequences with up to 32, 64, or even 256 steps to create large-scale development.

The motion sequence function records knob movements, letting you add time-varying change to the sound. You can create loops, or use this function live for strikingly original performances. Up to 16 sequence patterns and sounds can be saved in the unit.
Also provided is an active step function which lets you play back while skipping the steps you specify. You can skip the latter half to produce a short loop, use an alternate time signature to create polyrhythms, and evolve sequence patterns in real time to create a dynamic performance.

Randomize function that can generate accidental ideas

The sequencer of the volca modular lets you specify randomization for notes, active steps, and micro tuning. Irregular phrases, rhythms, and scaling that would be unlikely to come to mind can be generated by applying randomness, letting the volca be a source of unknown ideas.

Two new modes added for sequence playback

Two new sequence modes have been added: bounce sequence mode which makes a round trip through the steps, and stochastic sequence mode which gradually proceeds while randomly moving forward and backward. Playing back a recorded sequence in a different form can add dramatic changes to your song or performance.

Musically advanced scales, keys, and micro tuning

Although the volca modular is a West Coast style synthesizer, it also provides flexible support for music as a contemporary instrument. You can choose from 14 types of scale including equal temperament. Since you can also specify the tonic key from which these scales start, you can play these scales in any key.

There's also a micro tuning function that lets you individually specify the pitch of each note. You can pursue your own unique music by performing in an original tuning with the pitch of individual notes raised or lowered.

Excellent playability


Connectors that allow synchronized performance and external control

With a sync jack that allows easy connection to a Korg groove machine, you can connect the volca modular to another volca series unit, a minilogue, monologue, or prologue, an electribe, or the SQ-1, and enjoy sessions with the sequencer synchronized to the playback.

The CV IN jack for external control is a TRS mini stereo jack that lets you input two signals. The left channel can input a ±5V signal and the right channel can input a signal of 1V/oct (0–+6V) signal which is internally converted to pitch CV within the volca modular. Of course, each of these two signals can also be patched to control a module.

Enjoy anywhere

Compact, size, battery operation, and built-in speaker mean that you can take this unit anywhere and enjoy playing at any time.

Bundle de logiciels de musique gratuit

Le volca modular est livré avec une grande variété de logiciels de musique : d'Izotope dont "Ozone Elements" qui vous permet non seulement de créer des chansons mais aussi de les masteriser à l'aide de l'IA, "Skoove" qui vous aidera à améliorer votre jeu au clavier, "Reason Lite" logiciel DAW, ainsi que les synthés logiciels de KORG et autres marques.

En d'autres termes, dès que vous mettrez la main sur ce synthétireur, vous disposerez d'une variété d'outils pour vous aider à  augmenter  votre niveau musical et de production.

Logiciel pour Mac/Windows

  • KORG Collection - M1 Le(synthesizer sound module)

  • UVI Digital Synsations(synthesizer sound module)

  • AAS Ultra Analog Session(synthesizer sound module)

  • AAS Strum Session (acoustic guitar sound module)

  • AAS Lounge Lizard Session(electric piano sound module)

  • Propellerhead Reason Lite(DAW music production software)

  • Skoove free 3 month trial of Skoove Premium (online piano lesson)

  • KORG Gadget 2 Le for Mac(DAW music production software)

  • iZOTOPE Ozone Elements(Audio Mastering Plug-in Software)

Included cable

  • Pin cable for patching (1 set)

  • Sync cable



Hard-shell case for up to 4 volcas.


Dedicated carrying case for the KORG volca series.

SEQUENZ volca rack

Rack stand for up to 4 volcas.

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