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Announcing the new SP-170DX digital piano – simple, stylish, and easy to use

  • Simple in design, the portable and stylish SP-170DX emphasizes the vital piano elements: a comfortable keyboard, and a satisfying sound.
  • The two skillfully sampled concert grand piano sounds capture all the nuances of the performer's touch.
  • The clean and streamlined controls make it easy to select sounds and set the volume.
  • A total of ten sounds are provided, including electric pianos, harpsichord, organs, strings, and more.
  • Our new Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) faithfully reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano.
  • The Key Touch Control offers three levels of sensitivity to match the keyboard response to any playing style.
  • The new speaker system features improved speaker quality and enhanced resonance.
  • Reverb effect adds depth and spaciousness to the sound; Chorus adds warmth and motion.
  • Independent damper, soft, and sostenuto pedals are provided.
  • Two headphone jacks allow for parent/child or student/teacher private practice, or for just sharing with friends
  • Stand and music rest complete the SP-170DX
  • Chic black color finish
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