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The tuner you can depend on to stay in perfect pitch

The latest tuner in Korg’s line of flagship tuners has arrived: announcing thePitchHawk-U (AW-3U) for ukulele. Providing the high precision and sensitivity that you expect from Korg, a new type of clip offers a firmer grip and greater durability. There’s also an adjustable arm and ball joint that provides flexibility and compact storage, plus a new type of display that’s designed for high visibility and operability, a function that warns against over-winding the first string, and a selection of versatile tuning modes. The PitchHawk is the new standard for all clip-type tuners to follow.
During the 38 years since developing the world's first needle-type meter tuner, Korg continues to pioneer tuner technology, applying our expertise in new ways to deliver value to the player. This spirit continued on with the first clip-type tuner, the AW-1 (2004), followed by its successor the AW-2 (2009), and now the AW-3 “PitchHawk” Due to its market-leading position in the field of tuners, Korg promises to continue providing clip-type tuners that are worthy of your trust.

  • PitchHawk-U
  • PitchHawk-U
  • PitchHawk-U
  • PitchHawk-U

Korg PitchHawk Clip-On Tuner: Highlighting some main features of the Korg PitchHawk clip-on tuner!

  • A clip-on tuner that you can attach directly to the head of your instrument.
    - PitchHawk-U provides tuning modes for all types of ukuleles, large and small.
  • Main features that deliver unprecedented ease of use
    - The high precision and sensitivity that you expect from Korg
    - New type of clip provides a firm hold
    - Movable arm with ball joint that allows free adjustment of the angle
    - New type of display providing superb visibility that’s both bright and readable from any angle
    - High durability that stands up to impact and aging
    - Folds up compactly for easy transport
    - Easy-to-understand operation, with buttons placed on the front
  • Other features for tuning
    - Warning function helps the beginner avoid over-winding the first string (PitchHawk-G, when in guitar mode)
    - The Auto Power-off function saves the battery even if you forget to turn off the unit.
    - Memory backup function
    - A limited edition PitchHawk carry pouch is included (PitchHawk-U)

Korg PitchHawk Clip-On Tuner: Don't get caught out-of-tune!

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