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The keyboard that helps you play

If you’ve ever wanted to play or perform your favorite songs, or thought of a melody that could become an original song, KORG is here to help you realize your musical potential. The KORG EK-50. Is an entertainer keyboard that you can enjoy on any musical level, and an instrument that grows along with you.

Automatic accompaniment “Styles” provide an entire backing band you as you play the keyboard. From the moment you start playing, the rich accompaniments are created to inspire you to add phrases as they come to mind. As you gain performance skill, you can easily access the more advanced functions to give shape to the ideas of your musical sketch.

KORG EK-50: Explore, entertain, enjoy!

EK-50 Entertainer Keyboard: Overview (part 1)

EK-50 Entertainer Keyboard: Overview (part 2)

EK-50 vine echipat cu functia de auto-acompaniament care se intituleaza "Styles". Aceasta functie va pune la dispozitie un acompaniament complex si complet folosind un singur deget sau luand un acord cu mana stanga. Intrucat acompaniamentul se adapteaza in functie de notele si acordurile interpretate cu mana stanga, puteti improviza cu usurinta peste acompaniament folosind mana dreapta. Este ca si cum cu o simpla atingere a clapei ati conduce o formatie care cunoastre sute de melodii.

La EK-50 functia Styles acopera peste 280 de genuri muzicale din toata lumea, fiecare Style cu cate patru variatii care cresc in complexitate, fiecare cu intro si ending pentru inceputul si incheierea melodiilor. Puteti adauga varietate interpretarii dumneavoastra folosind aceste butoane pe tempoul ritmului.

Aveti de asemenea la dispozitie functia “STS” (Single Touch Select - Selectare cu o Singura Atingere) care selecteaza automat instrumente recomandate pentru Style. Este o imperechere perfecta intre sunet si Style, gata oricand pentru orice situatie, astfel incat va puteti concentra mai usor la studiu, creatie sau interpretare.

EK-50 contine mai mult de 702 sunete realistice care includ piane, viori, saxofoane si tobe printre altele. Selectati si folositi sunetele de care aveti nevoie fie solo, fie in contextul unei formatii. Puteti folosi de asemenea functia Split pentru a imparti claviatura in zone si sa folositi simultan mai multe sunete - precum pian cu mana dreapta si bas cu mana stanga. Aceasta functie garanteaza satisfactia dumneavoastra prin nenumarate combinatii de sunete.

Panoul central are un afisaj luminos si clar care indica sunetele selectate in momentul respectiv si numele Style-ului selectat in litere mari, foarte vizibile. Butoanele principale sunt iluminate cu LED-uri proprii care va ajuta sa vizualizati setarile fiecarei functii. Puteti gasi de asemenea butonul "Grand Piano" pentru a reveni oricand la sunetul initial de grand piano, indiferent de sunetele selectate in momentul respectiv.

Powerful 10W x 10W stereo speakers are built into the instrument. They can reproduce not only the sound of the instrument itself, but also sound from an external device that you connectto the input jack. Additionally, a music rest and AC adaptor are included, so you’re completed ready to go right out of the box. The EK-50 also works with AA batteries (sold separately), so you can play on the go!

The EK-50 contains 64 “Music Styles” that preset the Style, sound and tempo suitablefor the songs that you’re familiar with. Simply selecting a Music Style and playing is an easy way to improvise or create ideas for original songs.

Got a great new song idea? You can record your performances on the EK-50 and save them as well. Song mode lets you play back your own original creations, internal demo songs, MP3 or WAV audio data and SMF (Standard MIDI File) data saved on any commercially-available USB flash drive. You’ll also be able to play sounds while these songs play back.

The EK-50 is open-ended, which allows you to add up to 96 styles via a USB flash drive. We expect to add new data to the KORG website in the future and will keep you informed.

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Dedicated soft case for the EK-50 and Pa series.