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A new modular model that stimulates the music production environment with its extreme sound.

Introducing the modwave module - all of the features of the modwave mkII in a compact 19" desktop/rackmount package.

modwave builds on the legacy of KORG's DW-8000 and transforms it into a modern monster synth, featuring incredibly deep wavetable oscillators, gorgeous filters, wildly flexible modulation, unmatched polyphony, comprehensive pattern sequencing, and immediately satisfying hands-on control to deliver unique, powerful, and easily customizable sounds and phrases.

60 voices of polyphony, updated LFOs, and more

Like modwave mkII, the modwave module provides an astonishing 60 stereo voices of polyphony - almost double the original modwave's 32, and an unprecedented number for a wavetable synth at any price. The new 4U rack-mount enclosure has the same controls as the keyboard models, yet is easily transportable and fits neatly into any studio or desktop production system.

Responding to user requests, we've updated all LFOs with options for free running, delayed start, and retriggering. We've also added a pre/post switch for reverb sends, new modulation sources, and more. A software update will also be available for the original modwave.

The modwave module is fully compatible with the sounds and samples of the original modwave, modwave mk II, and modwave native software, as well as many excellent third-party libraries.

MIDI 2.0 Property Exchange and Polyphonic Aftertouch support

With the latest software updates, all models of modwave, hardware and software, now support MIDI 2.0 Property Exchange and easy access to Polyphonic Aftertouch - making them excellent companions to KORG's Keystage controller.

Rack-Mount and Desktop

The modwave module is cleverly designed for both desktop and rack-mount use. The panel is redesigned to fit into a standard 19" width, and the rear jack panel is recessed to allow easy access to cables even with gear mounted directly above. With desktop setups, brackets offer a choice of panel angles: flatter for performing standing up, or more upright for working while seated in your studio.

Many musicians have requested a module version of the modwave. Now that components are once again available after a long period of supply-chain disruption, KORG is pleased to make that request a reality.

Main Specifications

Maximum Polyphony
60 stereo voices
Dimensions (W x D x H)
483 x 172 x 107 mm / 19.02 x 6.77 x 4.21 inch
1.7 kg / 3.75 lbs.
AC adapter
Other specifications are the same as for modwave mk II.
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