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Striking New Look, Inspiring New Sounds,
Completely Redesigned Stage Piano - the Grandstage X

Meet the Grandstage X, Korg’s flagship stage piano, now completely redesigned with seven inspiring sound engines, 700 preloaded sounds, a user-friendly interface, and a sleek aesthetic design. Every aspect of the Grandstage X is intuitively arranged, empowering you to select and play your favorite sounds effortlessly. With its elegant, light ivory two-toned body and perforated side panels, the Grandstage X not only delivers the highest sonic quality but also stands as a visual centerpiece whether on stage or in the studio.

Grandstage X is not just a stage piano; it's a statement of excellence. Prepare to elevate your performance and let the Grandstage X take you and your music to new heights.

Seven Inspiring Sound Engines

The Grandstage X features seven independent sound engines, each capable of standing alone as a separate product. These sound engines provide unparalleled sonic and performance quality for a wide range of sounds, setting Grandstage X apart as the flagship among stage pianos.


Premium Piano and Electric Piano Sounds with SGX-2 and EP-1

Equipped with the SGX-2 acoustic piano sound engine, Grandstage X includes a large library of world-renowned pianos. SGX-2 offers the subtle and powerful expressiveness of an acoustic piano at the highest level, with non-looping samples on all keys, velocity switching of up to 12 levels, damper resonance that reproduces the sound of pedal pressure, and even mechanical noise. The result is a piano sound that delivers the subtle and powerful expressiveness of an acoustic piano at the highest level.

Grandstage X features 13 main pianos, including 6 well-known grand pianos selected from German, Italian, Japanese classic grand pianos. The new GSX Piano and Nautilus Piano can even be layered with the GSX Far Piano and Nautilus Far Piano to create the perfect piano ambience of your choice.

Other piano sounds include the familiar upright and small grand pianos, the OASYS Piano popular with band ensembles, the legendary SG1D Korg stage piano, the M1 Piano essential for 80's and 90's POPS, and the fortepiano, a period instrument, just to name a few.

In response to requests from many professional players, three mono piano tones and a midrange-focused tone variation are available. These mono piano tones, voiced from a dedicated mono recording source, and a piano tone that does not interfere with the EQ bandwidth of other instruments in a band, provide unparalleled clarity and harmony and offer previously unavailable performance options.

The electric piano sound source "EP-1" adds the Tine I Early to the typical model that uses a metal bar (tine) striking method. Its earthy, distorted tone reproduces the familiar sound we all know and love from so many classic records. The collection also includes seven other vintage electric piano sounds: Tine I Late, Tine II, Tine V, DMP, and the 200 and 200A, which are based on the method of striking the diaphragm (reed). MDS (Multi-Dimensional Synthesis) technology, an evolution of the velocity switch concept, responds smoothly to even the most delicate keyboard touches. The German EP and Tablet EP are available for the enthusiast with sound design that perfectly simulates and applies realistic amps, cabinets, and even vintage effects.


Three Unique Organ Sounds with CX-3, VOX, and FC-1

The tone wheel organ sound source "CX-3" is a perfect reproduction of the famous Korg combo organ. The transistor organ sound source "VOX" reproduces the sound of the VOX organ, which was released in the 1960s and had a great influence on popular music. The other transistor organ sound source, FC-1, reproduces the small organ that dominated this era along with the VOX organ. Combined with the rotary speaker effect built into the sound source and the vibrato effect, you can really enjoy the pleasure of playing the organ.


Diverse Range of Sound Options from AL-1 and HD-1

Grandstage X boasts a total of 700 sound programs. In addition to the five sound engines listed above, Grandstage X also includes the AL-1 analog modeling sound source for crisp leads and thick brass sounds, and the HD-1 PCM sound source for a wide variety of tones and instruments. The HD-1 includes many distinctive keyboard instrument sounds, such as the 8-step multi-sampled Clavi D and Clavi E, harpsichord, pipe organ, the 6-step multi-sampled electric grand piano, and the FM electric piano with its unique metallic sound.

A Stunning Design Worthy of Flagship Status

Grandstage X features a distinctive design that is instantly recognizable and is destined to become iconic. The solid, painted aluminum body is designed with smooth curves, and the curves that rise from the bottom to the sides are made of perforated metal. The vintage and futuristic look of the design is combined with a light ivory white top panel, creating a striking presence.

Key-Touch Slider for Instant Expressive Control

The key-touch slider allows you to instantly control how the volume and timbre of the keys change with each keystroke, allowing you to customize the playing feel of the keyboard in real time to suit the music you are playing. Simply adjusting this slider gives you the sensation of playing a more or less sensitive keybed, enhancing the expressiveness of the Grandstage X as you find the perfect position to suit your own, individual playing style.

3-Part Control Section for Splits and Layering

The part control section is neatly arranged with three buttons and sliders. The on/off button allows you to use layers and splits, and the sliders allow you to adjust the volume balance as you wish. The program name for each part is listed on the display for easy modification. Layers and splits can be used simultaneously, so for example, the right hand can be layered with piano and strings, and the left hand can be layered with bass and your own choice of bass add on.

Infuse Warmth into Your Sound with Nutube

The Analog Tone function provides an analog sound effect that can only be achieved with a tube driven sound. The ON/OFF button can be used to adjust the effect, and the knob can be used to adjust the amount of effect, so you can find the sound you like best.

Refine Your Sound with Effects and EQ

Grandstage X provides easy control of Reverb and Delay directly on the main panel, allowing you to quickly switch between effect types and adjust the depth.
A new shimmer reverb has also been added and 3-band equalizer is also provided to adjust the overall sound character to fit the acoustic characteristics of each live venue.

Effortlessly Thicken Sounds with the Unison Function

The "Unison" function, familiar to analog synths but unique to stage pianos, is provided. By adding this function to the synth sound or FM piano, a chorus-like expansive and outstanding effect can be obtained. The number of notes can also be adjusted by using the unison slider.

User-Friendly Rhythm and Chord Progression Section

Grandstage X is equipped with a rhythm and chord progression function that is an evolution of the drum track functionality found on some Korg synthesizers. The full-fledged rhythm track consisting of drums and bass can be matched to the chords played, or to a pre-set chord progression, and can be played on the Grandstage X alone or along with the Grandstage X.

Premium Japanese Crafted RH3 Keyboard for Nuanced Expression

Crafted with precision in Japan, the Grandstage X features a Real Weighted Hammer Action. The RH-3 is meticulously designed to reproduce the weight distribution of a grand piano with a heavier feel in the lower register and a lighter touch in the upper register, allowing for the nuanced expression. This sophisticated and detailed keyboard ensures a realistic and immersive playing experience of the 700 sounds on Grandstage X.

Free bundle of music software

Grandstage X comes with a diverse variety of music software from Izotope including “Ozone Elements” which lets you not only create songs but also master them using AI, “Skoove” which will help you improve your keyboard playing skills, as well as software synths from KORG and other brands.

In other words, the moment you get your hands on this synthesizer you'll have a variety of tools to help you take your music to the next level.

Elegant Attachable Wooden Stand

The ST-WGS wooden keyboard stand (sold separately) is specially designed to match the soft curves of the Grandstage X body. The elegance of real wood makes this stand perfect for a modern living room or any stage.

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