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Announcing the world's first wireless tuners: The Korg Wi-Tune

Korg created the world's first hand-held tuner back in 1975. Since then, tuners have become a widely used item among musicians. Korg has continued to lead the way, creating a succession of revolutionary tuners featuring new technology and new ideas. Now, KORG announces the world's first wireless tuning system; the Wi-Tune. Using Korg's Wireless Tuning System, the Wi-Tune allows you to tune any instrument in any situation, unobtrusively, accurately, and easily. Our Wi-Tune systems are ideal for instruments such as sax, clarinet, flute, horn, or tuba; instruments where using a traditional tuner could be problematic. Wi-Tune eliminates these obstacles, allowing new avenues for practicing. Wi-Tune wireless tuning is also discreet, and can be used in nearly any musical environment.

  • Wi-Tune
  • Wireless tuning – no cable required! The transmitter clips to your instrument and sends the signal wirelessly to the tuner!
  • The large backlit LCD offers excellent visibility, even at a distance. The newly designed meter follows even slight changes in the sound, and provides a large note name display.
  • The integrated cover/stand allows the tuner to be placed on a music stand, table, or on the floor to accommodate any situation.
  • Two Wi-Tune packages are available:
    o WR-01: Regular & small clips for guitar, brass and woodwinds o WR-01S: Includes strap for use with Saxophone, clarinet, etc.
  • Sound Out mode produces a reference tone from the internal speaker for tuning by ear
  • Internal mic allows tuning using the main unit alone
  • Markings indicate pure major third and minor third intervals for exceptional ensemble harmonies.
  • Designed to provide environmentally-friendly extended battery life.
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