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Pitchblack X Pro



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12 note equal temperament
Detection Range
Calibration Range
A4=436〜445Hz(1Hz steps)
Detection Accuracy
+/- 0.1 cent (display mode: Strobe)
Input Impedance
1 M-ohm (tuner on)
Display Modes
Regular, Strobe, Half-strobe, Focus
LED color patterns:
Blue and red gradation, green and red gradation, cyan, green, blue
Front Side…INPUT 1 jack (1/4″/6.3 mm monaural phone jack), OUTPUT 1 jack (1/4″/6.3 mm monaural phone jack), CABLE CHECK jack (1/4″/6.3 mm monaural phone jack)
Rear Side…INPUT 2 jack (1/4″/6.3 mm monaural phone jack), OUTPUT 2 jack (1/4″/6.3 mm monaural phone jack), DC 9V IN jack
Power Supply
AC adaptor (9V)
Power Consumption
Maximum 140 mA
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Tuner Only…430 x 50 x 44 mm(including protrusions)
When used with the rackmount adapters…482 × 50 × 44 mm(including protrusions)
379 g
Included Items
Notices, AC adapter, Screw x 4, Washer x 4, Rack mounting adapter x 2
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