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Pitchblack Poly


Pitchblack Poly



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Announcing a revolutionary advance in polyphonic tuners that will shorten your tuning time!
Korg’s Pitchblack Poly is the new standard in guitar and bass pedal tuners,
featuring the exclusive “String Seeker.”

The Pitchblack series of high-performance pedal tuners bring together Korg’s legendary tuner accuracy, versatility, and reliability – along with easy-to-see displays and stylish diecast aluminum bodies. Now, the remarkable Pitchblack Poly adds the convenience of polyphonic tuning to the acclaimed Pitchblack pedal tuner line-up.

KORG Pitchblack Poly Introduction Movie

  • Offers quick and easy high-precision polyphonic tuning.
  • Displays the tuning status of all strings at once.
  • “String Seeker” automatically switches the display to the string being tuned。
  • Ideal for “floating tremolo systems”
  • Double meter design enhances the acclaimed visibility of the Pitchblack Series
  • Four meter modes for precise tuning
  • Flat (5 Semitones), Capo (7 Semitones), and Drop-D tunings are also supported. Automatically detects guitars and basses (up to 6-string)
  • Calibration is adjustable from 436 – 445 Hz
  • Tone-preserving True Bypass design
  • Two-way power; operates on 9V battery or 9V DC input.
    9V DC cascade power jack is also provided
  • Durable and reliable diecast aluminum body
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