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Zubin Balaporia

Zubin loves his Kronos

"Whether it be Stage or Studio, the KRONOS is truly an outstanding Musical Instrument. Beautifully styled with wooden panels on the side, the new KRONOS has a stunning range of sounds.

With its ability to stack, layer and split and a huge number of routing options for its onboard effects section, the KRONOS has tremendous flexibility as a master Keyboard for stage and live situations. The feature that grabs me the most is the Performance Set List, which KORG has integrated with the entire Kronos series for some time now. This allows you to set up a Set List with your gig sounds in easily selectable banks, via the touch screen. You can set up multiple Set Lists depending on your performance needs. Each sound can have its own relevant Volume and Eq and this makes it easy to use on stage when you need fast patch changes.

With all this and solidly backed up by a great team of specialists at Furtados...I can truly say that my association with the Kronos family is a dream come true."

Zubin Balaporia (Composer/Keyboards - Indus Creed)

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