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It appears I only have 50 of the 80 factory presets in my monologue.

Some very early units were shipped with only 50 factory presets, but please don't worry! They are all in there and your unit can be restored to the full set of 80 presets by performing the procedure below. Please note that this will overwrite any program changes made prior to this procedure and 81~100 will be initialised.

1. Begin with the monologue turned off.

2. While holding down the WRITE button and the EXIT button, turn the monologue on.
“FACTORY RESET” will be indicated and highlighted in the display. DO NOT turn the PROGRAM/VALUE knob as this will select another option.

3. Press the WRITE button.
The display will indicate the message “Are you sure?”.

4. Turn the PROGRAM/VALUE knob to select “Yes”, and press the WRITE button.

TIP Press the EXIT button, or select “No” using the PROGRAM/VALUE knob and press the WRITE button to cancel the operation.
Never turn off the monologue while factory data is being loaded.