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wavestate SE Platinum wavestate SE Platinum


Special limited edition of wavestate SE.

The limited color model, wavestate SE Platinum, is released at the same time as the wavestate SE. The Platinum edition features the same 61 keys with aftertouch and comes with a hard case as the wavestate SE, while the premium silver aluminum panel and stainless steel side panels, which are only available on this special model, create an overwhelming presence on stage and in the studio.

Also included is an original sticker with the KORG logo. The wavestate SE Platinum is available in limited quantities, so be sure to get yours soon.

Main Specifications

61 keys (Natural touch keyboard with velocity and release-velocity sensitive, aftertouch)
Maximum Polyphony
120 stereo voices
Dimensions (W x D x H)
1,014 x 344 x 110 mm/39.92” x 13.54” x 4.33”
8.6 kg/18.96 lb.
Included items
AC adapter, Hardcase, original sticker for wavestate SE Platinum

* Differences are only cosmetic, specifications are exactly the same as the standard model. wavestate SE Platinum includes an exclusive set of stickers.

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