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Updates - KRONOS Operating system version 3.1.2 is now available
Updates - KRONOS System Updater v3.1 and KRONOS Editor/Plug-in Editor v3.1 are now available!
New KRONOS Sound Libraries: Five new libraries, one update, one bundle and seventeen new pricing libraries from Sounds of Planet, KApro, and Soundiron.
New KRONOS Sound Libraries: Six new libraries and two bundle packages from Soundiron, KApro, Purgatory Creek Soundware and Kid Nepro.
New KRONOS Sound Libraries: two new libraries from Soundiron, one new library from KApro.
New KRONOS Sound Libraries from Kid Nepro: EXs180 Electric Guitars Volume 2 and new bundle packages.
KRONOS Sound Libraries - Special 2016 Summer Sale. For seven days only!
New KRONOS Sound Libraries: There are six new libraries from Purgatory Creek Soundware including four collaborations with Acousticsamples, one from Kelfar Technologies, and one from KApro.
New KRONOS Sound Libraries: There are four new libraries (including one free title!) from KApro, one new library from Sounds of Planet, one new library from Kelfar Technologies who are also releasing an updated library and two bundle packages.
KORG announces new products at Winter NAMM 2016!
Now Available! New KRONOS System Version 3.0.4 and fifteen new Sound Libraries: nine from Purgatory Creek Soundware including two collaborations with Acousticsamples, three from Bolder Sounds, and three from KApro.

Announcing a limited-edition platinum-colored model of the KRONOS-88.

Since its launch at the end of 2014, KORG's flagship KRONOS music workstation has been acclaimed worldwide by many notable musicians for its sound and advanced capabilities. Now, as an expression of our gratitude to all KRONOS aficionados, we announce a special limited- edition of the 88-key model.

With a platinum-colored panel and dark colored side panels, this new model shines beautifully on stage under the spotlight. For serious musicians, this instrument emanates a special aura of superior quality.

* All specifications other than color are identical to the conventional model of the 88-key KRONOS.