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New OS, New Features

The first system update released since launch, v1.1.0, adds valuable new features and improvements to system performance on Pa5X. New features in this free update include the addition of List View, a Mixer Tab, easy Style- syncing between Players 1 and 2, and more. Whether selecting Styles, Songs or Keyboard Sets, or navigating the Song Book or Set List, users will feel the improvements to the overall speed and performance of Pa5X with v1.1.0. Additional new and exciting software features will continue to be announced next year and beyond to ensure that Pa5X remains the world’s finest Arranger keyboard!

Pa5X OS Update V1.1.0 - Top Features and Installation

List- or tile-view browser

The Pa5X OS v 1.1.0 offers the possibility to show the resource-browser (we call it “Browsform”) from now on as a tile or as an alternative list-view. This gives you a better overview of available resources in different folders. Also the sorting options in the new list-view are amazing. You can select list- or tile-view for each resource-browser independently, the Pa5X will remember your choice also after a restart.

Mixer-TAB for fast track-access

The new Mixer TAB in the Home-screen delivers a much faster access of all tracks. You can change sounds, volumes and panorama directly from this new TAB. Also a change of a sound could be fast made from here now, there is no need to go to the mixer-menu. On top of that you will see all Midi track-activity on each track to identify in a fast way the currently playing track. A mixer short-cut will open the entire mixer-section with all the unlimited access of the tracks.

Pa4X SET-import

The improved Pa4X SET-file import feature delivers, apart from speed optimizations, a report.txt file which will be located in the converted KST folder right after the import procedure. The report.txt shows the result of imported resources and also the possible messages of unpredictable problems caused by the original data.

Slider Catch- and Jump-mode

To avoid jumping volume-levels in general, we implemented the new slider-catch feature. You can choose between catch and jump with respect to your real needs. For the new implemented catch-function, the volume for a track will only start changing, when the panel-slider in the control section (left), will pass the current level of the track. In this case you can avoid that high level-jumps will affect your music in a bad way.

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