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NTS-1 digital kit NTS-1 digital kit



NTS-1 Custom Panel

Thanks to its DIY nature and open design, the NTS-1 is a highly customizable synthesizer that users can modify in several ways. In addition to the open source logueSDK, that allows users to build their own custom oscillators and effects, the hardware of the NTS-1 can also be physically modified in various ways, cosmetically and functionally, by replacing the entire front panel with a custom one. In order to help users get started with physical customization, we are providing the necessary schematics and instructions to build this open hardware reference panel. We hope that you will take it from here and build your ideal NTS-1!


Github link: 

Note: Custom panels are supported by the NTS-1 digital kit firmware version 1.10 and above
Note: Firmware version 1.10 will be released late January 2020

Build your own NTS-1 Custom panel

It is possible to replace the original panel from the NTS-1 with a custom made front panel and thus creating unique and original interfaces allowing brand new ways to interact with your instrument! KORG provides an open hardware reference design that can be used as a starting point for your custom panel projects. The reference board is also compatible with the Arduino IDE which is easy to setup and provides a simple development workflow for custom panel firmware. Combined with the custom oscillators and effects that can be created with the logue SDK, custom panels allow you to create completely custom and unique DIY instruments.

Custom prototypes based on the NTS-1 custom panel (examples)

Prototype #1: Effect pedal

- Pedal effect shaped design
- Dedicated reverb / delay controls
- Dedicated modulation effects controls
- 6.3 mm in/out jacks
- Arduino based firmware

Prototype #2: User Oscillator Editor

- Arduino compatible shield with 2.4 inch TFT display
- Dedicated control interface for user oscillators with 6 knobs and 1 encoder

Prototype #3: Circular Sequencer

- 16 step sequencer
- Dedicated control for pitch on each step
- Speed / direction control via central knob