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microKAST - The Official Unofficial KORG PodCast

KORG microKAST Podcast

KORG microKAST Podcast

KORG’s No.1 Award Winning KORG Podcast!

100% Unofficial, all views are our own.

3 Guys talking Korg, technology, films, video games & other random stuff, sometimes with special guests! 

Find it on Podbean -  http://microkast.podbean.com/
iTunes: https://goo.gl/DBTiVL

User Reviews...

Synthesizers meets Top Gear *****
A wonderful insight into the world of Korg with a sprinkling of off topic chat covering everything from films to the world of gaming. 3 guys talking synths and putting the world to rights... it doesn't get any better! Top work chaps! Look forward to this every month!! 
***** by Big Deano c

So funny, so informative, love the format! Lots more of this please... Love it!! 
***** by Jamie DJ

One of my favourite podcasts, please keep it going, there's nothing quite like it! I love all the different sections & can't wait until Kronology gets onto my favourite Korg synth of all time, the Karma! 
by Clarissa Y