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Contacting Sound Sketch Corporation

About us / 公司資料:

Sound Sketch Corporation / 穎凱國際股份有限公司
5F, No. 276, Beishen Rd Sec 3, Shenkeng District, New Taipei City 222401, Taiwan
222401 新北市深坑區北深路三段276號5樓
TEL/電話 : 02 2662 9565
FAX/傳真 : 02 2662 9270

NOTE for product support, warranty and repair of KORG products: All product support and warranty coverage is provided by the Korg distributor of the country that your product was purchased in. Products sold by unofficial or retailers outside your local distributor’s territory may not conform to local specifications and will not be covered by your local distributor’s warranty. If you are not currently located in the country where your product was purchased and require local repair, please contact the dealer who sold you your product for servicing information. Your dealer should always be your first point of contact for any queries relating to your purchase.

Please note, if you require warranty coverage you must have your product serviced in the country where it was purchased even if this involves paying freight to and from that country. In this instance, please contact the dealer who originally sold you your KORG product to make the necessary arrangements. For a full list of Korg’s international distributors, please click here.

您所購買的所有的KORG產品保固維修及各項服務是由您購買的所在地代理商來負責的。如果產品是於非台灣 KORG 總代理-穎凱國際股份有限公司 Sound Sketch Corporation所指定的專業經銷商所銷售或者是在國外購買的話,那麼你所購買的產品將不會有代理商的保固維修服務,請聯繫原本當初販售產品的商家服務您,謝謝。

KORG各個國家代理商資訊請點 here.

Product Support and spare parts

Should you need to contact about product support or purchase spare parts directly from us, please visit here.