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Pa5X Update version 1.2.0

The new operating system 1.2.0 for Pa5X offers some of the most commonly requested features especially Pa4X SongBook import and onboard Style programming and editing. Apart from the onboard Style edit features such as Quantize, Delete, Copy, Transpose OS 1.2.0 also features new Groove-import functionality for Audio-slices. Furthermore, for countries with special locally developed sounds and styles OS 1.2.0 delivers localized data made especially for the Pa5X using a newly developed high-end microSD protection system.

In addition to all the additional new features, the overall system stability is optimized with many small refinements improving the system in general. This new operating system is free to all Pa5X users and is now available for download from:

Some of the most important new features in OS 1.2.0

  • Style & Pad creation with onboard editing
  • Groove import for Audio slices
  • Legacy Pa4X SongBook conversion
  • AddOn implementation based on a new microSD security-system for Pa5X in certain localized markets
  • General system optimization and improvement.

OS 1.2.0 also offers a catalog of new musical resources including new and modern Styles, new Synth KBD-Sets, brand-new Synth-Pads and much more.

New Musical Resources

  • 34 Styles
  • 23 Sounds (Programs)
  • 23 Keyboard-Sets
  • 112 Library Pads (Guitar, Synth, Piano, Percussion, Cinematic)

Style-Record onboard editing

With OS 1.2.0 the important onboard Style-edit features allow users to fully edit a Style using the Pa5X instead of a computer. These Style-record improvements include:

- Style onboard editing (Quantize, Transpose, Velocity, Delete, Cut & Insert, Style-Copy, Pad-Copy)
- Independent Time-signatures for Style-Elements
- Cue-mode enhancements for Ending 3
- Implementing SYSEX controls for external Style-Element selection using an external DAW
- Optimizations for Style import/export (Meta-Event/Controller notes) and legacy SET-conversion referring to chord-detection system for Intro/Ending.

Groove import for Audio-slices

The new import feature for sliced grooves allows users to create more slices than ever before. Each groove will be saved in .mid-format to import it later while creating a new Style or Pad or while modifying an existing one. With the new OS you can also decide to save the groove as a Sound or as a Drumkit to let the user assign sliced Drum samples to Drum families.

Chord-track implementation

The newly implemented chord-track can be shown and edited in the Event-Edit page of Style-Edit environment. All chord-sensitive tracks in Intros and Endings will follow this chord-line.

Full Pad edit-section including import/export.


Legacy Pa4X SongBook conversion and further improvements

Most of the user-data musicians prepare for the musical performance is saved in the SongBook (and Set-List) as the center of musical content management. Convert your personal Pa4X SongBook data for the Pa5X. Everything (Styles, Midi- and MP3-files, txt-data etc.) is converted and reconnected.

The new and optimized conversion-report txt-file (found after conversion in the created KST-folder) shows which Styles and Songs may no longer be present. SongBook entries which do not find the correct resources will be marked using a “#”-prefix to help identify and rework them easily after the conversion.

New conversion-report file

AddOn implementation - using new microSD-card protection

The new micro SD-card protection system for localized resources offers a new level of security. Countries using localized microSD-cards for regionally developed data are now able to offer a dedicated package especially for the Pa5X. The new Pa5X data can use all the great new Pa5X features.

(Note: Both the data and microSD card from the Pa4X cannot be imported into the Pa5X. Customers wishing to transfer data from a Pa4X encrypted SET-file need to contact their local KORG distributor for further information.)

Overview of OS 1.2.0

  • Style Record onboard editing
  • Pad Record onboard editing
  • Groove import for Audio slices
  • Chord-track implementation for Intro and Ending
  • Legacy Pa4X SongBook conversion
  • General SongBook improvements
  • Style-Conversion improvements
  • AddOn implementation based on a new microSD security-system for Pa5X
  • Memorizing of the “Use IFX/MFX” status
  • QT-presets for the three assignable switches is available now
  • Reordering of some important Page-Menus
  • "Create folder" options improved for several Menus
  • SongBook Pad selection in the SongBook screen
  • Pad and CS save to Style-Option
  • Styles and Songs can be saved on any User drive also in Home
  • General improvements of the system
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