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Pa5X OS-Update version 1.2.1

The Pa5X operation system 1.2.0 offered already a huge amount of new and legacy features for the new and stunning Pa5X system. With this new OS-Update (Bugfix-Release) version 1.2.1 we provide you a further improvement- and stabilization-update for the general use of the system with the main focus of the imported and converted “legacy” data coming from older Pa4X SET-files.

Note: Please read the notes down below referring to the supported data.

In addition to all improvements the new Pa5X operation system version 1.2.1 offers a new, forth scale-option especially for Styles which uses the “internal Style-scale” and the “chord-follow” functionality. The new scale tuning option “All tracks – Style tracks priority” will keep the internal scale settings of the Styles tracks while setting an external quartertone scale for the Keyboardset-tracks.

Here you can find more details of the issues solved with the new Bugfix-Release OS 1.2.1

1. Overall system stability
Improvements to the overall system stability, system response time and other minor adjustments have been made. Imported user data from Pa4X is now more stable. Settings with “no Style” for the startup could cause a freeze of the instrument and this has been fixed.
2. Track-type assignment (Acc/Drum Track)
Some particular User-Styles containing Drum-Tracks with harmonic relevant notes, were not chord sensitive in 1.2.0. This is fixed so these tracks can be used as chord-dependent tracks.
3. SongBook
SongBook data from version 1.1.0 could have problems in 1.2.0 using particular settings. All settings such as track-information for Styles used in the SongBook are now saved correctly.
4. Reset & Tap function
Improved RESET and TAP functionality on Style and Keyboard set tracks.
5. Scale options, chord-follow and transpose positioning
A new fourth option of assigning the QT/scale position has been added. Style Tracks with no detune were not scaled by applying the Quarter Tone/Scale-preset in real-time (while using the setting “ALL-tracks”). This new fourth option “All Tracks – Style Tracks priority” provides scale behavior similar to previous Pa-models. Furthermore, the Chord follow option is now working correctly using the transpose even with Intros and Endings.
6. MP3 – Playback
In certain situations the Pa 5X would restart while renaming an MP3-file and this has been fixed.
7. PCM/Sound
In certain situations PCM data could be corrupted while saving or loading using the normal “save.KST”-procedure and this has been fixed.
8. “Save Song” operation
In certain situations saving a song could result in wrong parameters independent from the data inside the selected Midi file and this has been fixed.

Note: User data prepared on early Pa series products and with 3rd party conversion software.

The new system of the Pa5X supports user-data such as Styles, PCM, Sounds, KBD-Sets and more, but only if the user data was originally developed on either the Pa5X or Pa4X. When using data prepared on any other Pa series products or compiled through third party conversion software the system of the Pa5X could show some unexpected reactions. Although the OS 1.2.1 improves performance in general, it is recommended not to load older, previously developed data in Pa5X. The users who still want to use older data which might cause problems are encouraged to send their files to Korg via their Pa5X dealer or local distributor. We will analyze your data in order to isolate potential problems. Please also include a report of the symptoms and how we can replicate your problem.

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