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KORG's Trusted Tuners

It has been over 40 years since the birth of KORG tuners.
As the first company in the world to use a needle-type meter in a tuner, KORG has demonstrated a long history of innovation by making tuners more compact and affordable; encouraging musicians of all types to use KORG tuners.
Today, we have an extensive lineup of tuners suitable for various instruments and purposes, eliminating the notion of "one tuner per person". Today, it is common to use multiple tuners for different situations.

KORG's many years of experience and technical innovation have made our tuners widely used and loved by both professionals and beginners around the world. Here are some of the reasons why:

KORG's first tuner, WT-10 - The world-first handlheld, needle meter tuner. (1975)

KORG's latest tuner line up »

1. Display

  1. Pursuing easy visibility
  2. Most musical sound constantly undergoes minute fluctuations in frequency, and if mechanical processing is used to indicate the frequency, the needle or indicator of the tuner will never come to rest. Proprietary technology developed by KORG over many years is used to apply filtering that closely matches human perception, thereby providing both accuracy and ease of tuning.

  3. Meter indications that match the characteristics of the instrument
  4. Although the sound of each instrument differs, KORG tuners detect and measure the pitch with high precision. The type of meter display is adjusted appropriately not only for basic tuning but also for checking pitch stability while practicing a wind instrument, tuning a stringed instrument that has a complex overtone structure, and lastly, ensuring that operation is always smooth and stable.

  5. Diverse types of display
  6. Our pursuit of easy visibility has led us to develop a variety of displays.

2. Precision

    Every one of our products boasts uncompromising precision.

  1. High-performance CPU
  2. From the low-priced models to the higher-end models, a high-performance CPU is used, avoiding any compromise in precision or speed of calculation.

  3. High precision accuracy to 0.1 cents
  4. Even the convenient clip tuners perform their internal calculation with an accuracy of 0.1 cents.


    The Detection Speed of a tuner is extremely important. When tuning a stringed instrument it is customary to wind the string up until it is in tune. If the tuner response is slow, then the player may overshoot the correct tuning, and then must detune and repeat the process. A good tuner must be fast enough to respond quickly to a moving pitch. KORG tuners have the fastest Detection Speed available so tuning is fast, accurate and enjoyable!

4. Operation

  1. Intuitive operation: One function for one button. Intuitive operation is possible even with a small number of buttons.

  2. Models with simple functionality

5. Convenient for lessons

    KORG considers tuners to be more than a way to measure pitch, but also as a partner that can help you improve your sound and performance.

    Marks indicating pure major/minor thirds

    These are convenient when you need to adjust your instrument to the pitch of a major or minor third, something that requires special adjustment in order to obtain pure harmony when playing in a brass band or orchestra.
    (CA-40/CA-10/TMR-50/TM-50 …etc.)

    Reference tone oscillator

    This allows tuning while listening to a reference tone from an internal speaker or through headphones. * Differs depending on the model
    (OT-120/CA-40/CA-1/TMR-50/TM-50/GT-120/GA-40/GA-1 …etc.)

    Sound Back function

    If you use the separately sold CM-200 contact mic, the internal speaker will output the instrumental sound that is closest to the note you’re playing on your instrument. This provides both visible and audible confirmation of the sound, making it ideal for ear training.
    (OT-120/TMR-50/TM-50 …etc.)
    * On the TM-50, this function can also be used with headphones.

    Metronome function provided

    The metronome can be used while tuning. (TMR-50/TM-50 …etc.)

    Recorder function provided

    You can easily record your own sound or performance. (TMR-50)

    Good sound evaluation

    The cortosia iApp evaluates your sound.

6. Custom Shop Series

    The Custom Shop Series represents the very finest of KORG’s technological ability and commitment to the quality for tuners.
    The Custom Shop Series provides the following features to support professional use.

    • 3D visual meter
    • High precision tuning
    • Painstakingly crafted design