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Serious synthesizer and vocoder functionality in a compact package --- the microKORG.

The new microKORG is a compact-sized synthesizer that delivers the true enjoyment of synthesis. Underneath its small exterior lurks an amazingly powerful synthesizer. It is fun to play, and it delivers a sound and functionality that will satisfy everyone from the beginner to the professional. Welcome to a world of unlimited creativity.

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In 2012, the microKORG celebrated its 10th birthday. Now in 2013, to commemorate Korg's 50th anniversary, the microKORG is now available in a new, limited edition, Gold!

The microKORG-GD (gold) boasts the most gorgeous exterior in the history of the microKORG. Quantity is limited to 2,000 units world-wide.

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Introduction Movie

The Spinto Band - Shake It Off (Korg Remix)

Ryland Blackinton of Cobra Starship makes music with Korg

Happy 10th Birthday, microKORG

Acclaimed electro-funk duo Chromeo

microKORG Video Demo

  • A true synthesizer with an analog modeling tone generator
  • Powerful-sounding oscillator section
  • Knife-sharp filter section
  • An amp section with great presence and distortion
  • EG and LFO add subtle tonal movement
  • Virtual patches for even more sophisticated sound-editing
  • Versatile and distinctive vocoder
  • 128 programs for immediate use
  • A full range of effects
  • Freely settable arpeggiator
  • Process an external audio source via the audio inputs
  • MIDI controller functionality
  • Controls designed for easy access
  • Pop and distinctive looks, and an included mini-mic